Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Caja Madrid "Sense and Sensibility"

Caja Madrid, the most important Savings Bank in Spain, launched a new deposit almost identical to previous competitor's products, but with very competitive conditions. Objectives: SALES: Acquire 2.000M€ from other banks and 10.000 new clients. Get current clients with investments in other banks to concentrate them in Caja Madrid. BRAND: Reinforce the brand awareness of Caja Madrid, positioning it as the market's best offer of financial products. A fact supported by this deposit. The investigation demonstrated that an important downside in changing banks is the long-term relationship buit with the branch manager. Caja Madrid's deposit is so good you will inevitably leave your bank and they don't want you to lose a friend. So they named the deposit "Sense and Sensibility" and gave out a Self-Help Guide "CHANGE BANKS WITHOUT LOSING A FRIEND", that came with a Goodbye postcard for your old bank with a musical chip containing an adaptation of a hit of the 80s "Forget me and go away". They also created a web, virals with personalized videoclips ("Pimpinela" and "Teddy Bear"), WAP portal, BIDI codes, TV and Print to generate traffic to the banks'offices and the web. This promotion was based on putting ourselves in the clients' shoes in order to get their complicity For the first time in Spain, a bank used a promotional concept to name a financial product and they called it "Deposit Sense and Sensibility". The integrated action plan included: face-to-face actions in the offices, mailing to clients, promotional web, banners, wap, TV commercial, radio spots, graphic (print and outdoors) and in all of them the outstanding feature was the musical farewell card and the Self-Help Guide "CHANGE BANKS WITHOUT LOSING A FRIEND". They acquired 4,570 Billion Euros from other banks. 229% of the objective which was 2,000 M €, more than double the acquisition from the same period in 2006. 21.744 new clients. 217% of the objective which was 10.000. 96% more than those acquired in the same period in 2006. WEB: more than 200,000 visits. More than 8000 virals of "Pimpinela" were sent and 7,400 virals of the "Teddy Bear". BANNERS CAMPAIGN: click ratio of 0.98%. MOBILE PORTAL: more than 2,400 accesses to the mobile portal. Gold Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Shackleton Madrid, Spain.