Monday, June 23, 2008 "Fast news"

The goal was to establish as the fastest news website in Germany. To achieve this, they combined a promotion in a movie theatre with a cinema ad. First, something relevant to the news happens in the cinema audience. Only two minutes later, an ad for in the same cinema deals with just this event. In the middle of a cinema, shortly before the main feature. A pregnant woman in the audience gets contractions. She gets up, shouting in pain, and leaves the theatre with her husband. The Cinema Ad: While the audience is still discussing this event, the following cinema ad is screened: Chart and Announcer: "Now on" The chart is followed by a screenshot of the website with a photo showing the woman and her husband in the foyer of the cinema with newly-born twins in their arms. Announcer: "Twins born at cinema in Hamburg." Chart and Announcer: "News has never been this fast." The target market is composed of young, Internet-savvy people, who are easily reached in cinemas. By combining the cinema ad and the promotion they didn't only claim that is especially fast - but also proved it. And our target audience witnessed this fact firsthand. As the promotion was unseen and surprising, word of mouth generated a significant spread. Hits on increased significantly after the promotion. Gold Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Grabarz & Partner Hamburg, Germany.