Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nokia "Movie Star"

The communication goal consisted of transmitting to the consumer that the Nokia N95 contains, in a single phone, the many functions available in different types of equipment, especially the ability to shoot and edit video at high quality and speed. The new approach consisted of making the consumer the protagonist of the action. In order to do that, the consumer was approached while in line at the movie theatre and invited to partake in the "next Nokia movie theatre commercial," which was shot on the spot with the Nokia N95 and run minutes later, before the feature film. The impact took place when the targets, who had been approached in line, were surprised by their image on the movie theatre screen, revealing the filming and editing attributes of the phone. The same astonishment also reached the audience members who had witnessed the entire process while in line. This, in addition to the speed with which the scenes were put up on the screen, captivated the spectators. The media idea evolved from the conventional movie theatre commercial to something more elaborate, where the consumer became the protagonist of the commercial, experiencing the tools available in the Nokia N95, and bringing them closer to the concept of brand experience. This target-product interaction was broadened and ended up reaching the other spectators in the room. The impact generated was superior to that of a conventional commercial, due to the participation of the public. Despite the operational complexities, the investment was equivalent to that of a conventional action, but with superior results, thanks to the higher impact and recall index from this media innovation. Bronze Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Lew Lara\TBWA Sao Paulo, Brazil.