Friday, June 27, 2008

LG "Smile, you're being filmed!"

To communicate the excellent video camera of the LG Viewty mobile phone. They simulate that the actual mobile phone is filming the passers by. A live filming & reproducing system was created using a video camera and a 71" plasma screen. The camera was in the disembar located exactly behind the mobile phone lens, and the plasma where the phone screen would be. The outdoor was implemented in the disembarkation corridor of Lisbon Airport, wich means thousands of people see it daily. With just one piece, LG managed, not only to communicate the features of their new mobile phone, but also to create an immediate empathy with the brand, generating good spirit, gags and commentaries between passengers. When passing in front of the outdoor, people look and smile, interact and have a laugh with the piece.

Agency: Uzina Lisbon, Portugal.