Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dodge "Dare Days"

Dodge dared us to introduce the all-American car brand Dodge and 3 new models to the Belgian market without placing one single ad, without broadcasting one single television commercial and without sending out one single direct mail piece. Since showrooms lost their attraction, we chose to bring the showroom to the street. In a never-seen-before way. The Dodge Dare Days: a very visible road show that toured along 10 Belgian cities with a truly unique attraction: a 50-meter Dodge Viper Bungee with onboard camera to film your scary face. These movies were posted on the campaign site, ready to be sent to friends. Special, interactive banners guided people to the website. A contest worked as extra bait. Today, a new car model isn't enough to attract people to the showroom. And even with three new models at the dealer, the introduction of a completely new brand on the Belgian market would require an extensive (expensive) media campaign. With a limited budget and a hard-to-impress audience, Dodge faced a double challenge. The Dodge Dare Days however offered thrill-seeking car fanatics a memorable event with free Bungee-Viper jumps, Rodeo rides and a tour through the Dodge range, while spending only a fraction of the budget for a traditional multi-media campaign. - Over 10.000 people attended one of the 10 road shows - Almost 500 daredevils wete their pants in a breathtaking 50-meter bungee drop in the Dodge Viper - The onboard camera capturing their fearful expressions resulted in 500 viral movies and generated over 50.000 views on YouTube and GarageTV - Site traffic boomed, with over 35.000 unique visitors: over 10% opted-in, 5% requested more information, 1% visited the showroom for a test drive - Loads of free media coverage in newspapers, online car sites and blogs - And finally an utterly satisfied customer. 2x Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Proximity BBDO Brussels, Belgium.