Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dietrich "Golf"

Every year, the Dietrich company organizes an exclusive golf tournament for its premium clients. The challenge consisted in letting these clients know about the upcoming edition of the tournament in an original and eye-catching manner with the final goal of getting them to register and compete. In the two weeks leading up to the tournament, clients began to receive emails every two days containing a video with information regarding the tournament as well as an invitation to register electronically. Each of the seven videos showcased two golf clubs representing two graceful feet having fun and enjoying themselves on a golf course. The campaign ran under the concept: "join the clubs". The response was immediate. Just three videos were needed to completely fill the tournament's openings. Dietrich not only received numerous emails congratulating it on its creativity but the videos also became the talk of the tournament. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Grey Buenos Aires, Argentina.