Thursday, March 29, 2007

Koo Strawberry Jam.

What goes great with bread? Koo Strawberry Jam. They needed to find a new way to communicate this to consumers at point-of-purchase. Research identified that consumers are most likely to buy a spread for their bread when they are in-store. They touch the fresh, soft bread and imagine how good it’s going to taste with loads of butter and jam. They brought that thought to life by using the bread tag that was previously colourless and boring. By turning it into a slice of bread, spread thick with Koo Strawberry Jam, and adding the Koo brand logo on the back. Consumers were prompted to make their jam purchase there and then. They also took their bread tags home with them, which served as a further reminder of of Koo Jams.

Agency: FCB Impact, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Mosai School of Japanese Language.

This business card for 'The Mosai School of Japanese Language' is simply suberb in every sense.

Agency: Everest Y&R, Mumbai, India.


In order to promote the Samsung long lasting printer, with the capability of printing 100.000 sheets per month, the same number of sheets simulated a printer was placed in sales points.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Bogota, Colombia.

Wanna Drink?

The youth of Bahrain have a fancy for Bluetooth. And use it as a tool to make new friends and socialize in clubs and popular hangouts. They planted Bluetooth transmitters at the exits of all 7 Leisures venues. These transmitters sent a animated message to all mobile phones within 30 ft. Diameter telling them – Don’t take a chance, take a taxi. Their message reached their target adience at the right time and place, when they were about to take the decision to drive back home. The message was extremely effective. Within 2 weeks there was an increase in the number of Radio Taxis being called on weekends after parties.

Agency: Agency: JWT, Bahrain.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This Direct Mailer was sent to computer dealers and resellers to drive home the point that the tiny Umax Pen Drive can store an immense amount of data. To exemplify this idea, heavy books like Yellow pages were chosen for this activity. The books were hollowed cut and the Pen drive was fixed into the hollow with the product message “Stores Big data”!

Agency: GOD (Gang of Designers), India.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bridgestone "Tyre Swing"

Bridgestone wanted to herald the production of their 35 millionth tyre and talk about the success of the factory and its commitment to New Zealand. Rather than focusing on the massive contribution to industry and employment that this milestone signalled, They instead decided to highlight the special place that tyres have in New Zealanders' memories and lives. Pretty much everyone in New Zealand has a fond recollection of swinging on a tyre swing, strung up in a field. To announce that the Firestone factory in New Zealand had manufactured its 35 millionth tyre, they sent out a 'limited edition' tyre swing to 40 editors, radio DJs and other media types who generally have plenty of other things to talk about than the success of Firestone and their 35 million tyres.

Agency: TEQUILA\Auckland, New Zealand.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mumbai Traffic Police "Bloody Coasters"

Bloody Coasters (for Mumbai Traffic Police) were printed using a special invisible red ink, wich spreads only when moistened. They were placed at tables and bar counters in Mumbai’s prominent bars and watering holes. When a customer places his frosted, moist glass of alchohol on it, the red ink starts spreading; and the normal face starts bleeding. Alongside, the message reads: Just a reminder: Drunken driving kills.

Agency: Contract, Mumbai, India.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eristoff “Tells it like it is”

A set of stickers with the elements of Eristoff’s graphic campaign was inserted in a magazine that covers social activities; motivating the readers to apply the stickers to picture. The impact of this aplication, leaded to quick running out of the issues of the magazine in their distributiebon points, creating a shortage that leaded for the first time their readers to the magazine office looking for that specific issue and creating a “black market” that ended selling each issue for 3,50 US Dollar. Today, Eristoff has duplicated their sales expectations.

Agency: Grupo Novel, Dominican Republic.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Extraderm "Peel off poster"

To communicate Extraderm Age Defy Exfoliant’s production action of reducing wrinkles trough skin peeling, in the contex of an in-store promotion. For every purchase of Extraderm Age Defy Exfoliant’s, consumers are instructed to peel off a portion contains an instant prize printed at the back. When all peel-offs are removed a younger-looking face is revealed.

Agency: DM9 JaymeSyfu.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Toppik "Flip Book"

Toppik contains natural fibers that can cover a bald patch with Instant Hair. This idea was communicated effectively through a “flip book” that entertained while driving home the point “instantly”. The flip books were distributed as “Live Demos” in salons, through direct mail and along with the product.

Agency: GOD (Gang of Designers), India.


There’s a car parked out of the Erotika Sex-Shop. With all the Windows covered by stickers representant hard scènes. Looking carefully inside the car it seems there are 3 boys and 3 girls having sex. On the side of the car there’s another sticker which says: Toys you can’t wait to resist.

Agency: Leagas Delaney Italia, Milan.

Blush “Light your fire”

Matches with a striking strip right on the panty.

Agency: BBDO Berlin, Germany.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Directdaily goes on a holiday untill 14 March.


Original Thinking.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Coin Operated Scientist.

This was a live ambient stunt, to help raise money for MS Research. They built a mini research laboratory with a coin slot in the front. Inside a real scientist sat slumped and motionless. When people made donations, he would sit upright and conduct science experiments until he felt the money had run out. "Without your donation, research will stop"

Agency: Cummins & Partners, Melbourne, Australia.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

C&F Cosmetics and Fragrances.

Private taxicabs are the most common form of transportation provided by hotels for their guests and therefore they provide a perfect location to convey messages to tourists. In this case, a semi-transparant film was placed over the passengers windows, making it look like the passengers were being photographed by paparazzi. With no headline, the visual is simply signed "C&F Cosmetics and Fragrances" to imply that their products you become a celebrity.

Agency: Impact/BBDO Beirut, Lebanon.

Hertog Jan "The dilemma of Arcen"

Announce the new positioning of Hertog Jan as "the traditionally brewed premium lager". Gerard van den Broek, the man behind Hertog Jan, believes that beer is brewed from the heart. Now he has a dilemma: he has brewed not one new special beer, but two. So he could greatly appreciate your opinion. Pick your favorite and vote. The beer receiving the most votes over two rounds will be marketed. Taste the... Dilemma of Arcen. The overall winner both rounds. Marketed as "Hertog Jan Karakter". Already the third largest special beer in the Netherlands.

Agency: &KS, The Netherlands.