Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sony Bravia "Zoetrope"

To promote Sony’s new Motionflow Bravia TV, Fallon built the world’s largest zoetrope, a rotating series of static images viewed through small slits, which was officially verified by the Guinness Book of Records. The filming of the zoetrope took place last November in the town of Venaria, near Turin, Italy.

Check the video here:
Sony Bravia Zoetrope

Agency: Fallon London, United Kingdom.

Humane Society Charlotte.

People aren't the only ones struggling these days. Please donate at or give one of these dogs a chance. because every pet needs a home.

Agency: Wray Ward, Charlotte, USA.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MTV "Mask"

For Carnaval. MTV Brazil is inserting Kiss masks in magazines. At this time of the year, people often wear masks and only listen to samba. But not on MTV, wich goes on playing rock 'n roll.

Agency: Loducca São Paulo, Brazil.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rikkis taxi & shuttle service "Mirror"

Public transport in Cape Town is unreliable and unsafe at the best times, and so people who go out for a night on the town often take chances by driving under the influence of alcohol. It was these individuals that Rikkis, the city's iconic door-to-door taxi company, wanted to focus on. Being a young and dynamic brand, they wanted to promote their service in an unusual way. Extra large posters were displayed in restrooms of popular restaurants, bars and clubs where the company's direct-line phones are installed. The posters specific positioning brought the concept to life because when viewed in the reflection of the mirrors above the washbasins, they gave the consumer the impression that they were posing for a police mug shot. This turned out to be an engaging way of offering a simple alternative to breaking the law.

Agency: DraftFCB Cape Town, South Africa.

Prohome "Time to leave"

At the end of the year advertising people are spending their precious time in the office with fire-fighting instead of making preparations for Christmas, going out or just having fun with their loved ones. With their gift they wanted to call their clients attention on the oncoming holidays to make them stop working. They wanted to reach their main clients with a special self promo DM in an interesting manner. They delivered glowing electric exit lamps with a text on the front side: "TIME TO LEAVE" and a warning sticker on the back: "Warning! Overstress can lead to burnout. Stop fire-fighting this year! Turn on the light and devote yourself to the holidays!"

Agency: Prohome Budapest, Hungary.

Monday, February 23, 2009

James Ready "Help us keep this beer a buck"

The brewery that produces James Ready couldn’t afford whole billboards, so they asked beer drinkers to share the billboards and help keep James Ready a buck. Phase one drove people to a website where they could upload any message or image. Phase two featured all the images and messages that were uploaded to give people their very own billboard.

Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto, Canada.

Smart fortwo "Big fun in small place"

Show that the Smart fortwo is small but still lots of fun. The solution "Big fun in small place". With this claim in mind, they developed the world's smallest arcade game. For the first time in the form of a favicon - the icon next to the URL in your web browser. In the favicon's 16x16 pixel space they packed our all-time favorite retro video games. In the most important Automobile websites, they placed a banner that lead car enthusiasts to the world's smallest online game.

Check the video here:
Smart fortwo

Agency: Jung von Matt/ Alster, Hamburg, Germany.

Matakana Road.

In order to create an awareness about speed problems in a particular danger road in New Zealand a staged accident was performed with 10 policeman, 12 firefighters and 4 paramedics just befor a billboard with the copy:"Is a crash the only thing that will make you slow down?"

Check the video here:
Matakana Road

Lowe "The smallest wish card in the world"

To convey their wishes for the New Year to their clients, Lowe has sent them a miniscule card. The card looked just like a normal wish card, but was much smaller. On the front was the classic message: Best wishes for 2009*". The recipients of the card found the explication for the asterix on the inside of the world's smallest wish card: It’s crisis time for everyone.

Agency: Lowe Brussels, Belgium.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bubble Hair Salon and Spa.

Bubbles Hair Salon is tucked away near a flyover in Alwarpet, Chennai. Altough its location is not a handicap, it isn't a huge plus either. Their ambient challenge was to create a buzz around Bubbles in the neighborhood. For a short burst on a weekend, they recreated a comb-shaped zebra crossing adjacent to the salon. They achieved this effect by placing a temporay transparant sticker on the road.

Agency: Orchard Advertising, India.

SPAMfighter "Spam-mailings"

In order to transfer spam from the web to the real world, they stuffed the mailboxes of major companies with hundreds of hardcopy "spam" mails. Outside each mailbox they added a small magnetic button with the message: SPAMfighter keeps your mailbox spam-free.

Agency: BUTTER Berlin, Germany.

Christer Magnusson "Doormat"

The Swedish real estate firm Christer Magnusson opened a new office outside Stockholm and wanted the neighborhood to know that the new office has opened. They invited the whole neighborhood for the openingparty "Welcome". The awarness for the new office increased. 30% of the neighborhood attended at the "Welcome" openingparty.

Agency: Jack Russel Stockholm, Sweden.

Christian Delano drum teacher "Drumsticks"

Christian Delano drum teacher.

Agency: Bronx, Curitiba, Brazil.

AXA Bank "Bricks"

Outdoor ad built from real bricks to emphasize the stability of the rates and the stability of AXA bank.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp, Belgium.

Amnesty International "Hang-man"

Save a person's life. At present, more than 27,000 people worldwide are sentenced to death. Become involved today, on the Day of Human Rights and speak out against the death penalty: become a member at or support us with a donation. For a world without the death penalty-now!

Agency: Tribal DDB Hamburg, Germany.

NOAH "Sample"

Test now! Crème Vôle. Animates and refreshes dry and stressed skin. Still thousands of animals are killed by experiments by the cosmetics industry. Donate now... If you pull out the product sample, a photo of a crying chimpanzee with his face wreathing in pain will appear. By pulling off the sample it seems that you just caused a gash by your own hand.

Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Germany.

Winzip "the compressed house"

They turned a power distribution box in front of a house into a replica miniature version of the house. The advertising banner on the front of the house read: "We compress everything. Winzip".

Agency: Grabarz und Partner, Germany.

Discovery Channel "The Elbe Tunnel aquarium"

The famous Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg runs 426 meters under the city's river. It's a pity that you never see what's in the water above you. But we found a way to make it possible. They covered the tunnel's inside with a spectacular underwater view as it can only be shown by the world's leading tv-station for nature documentations: the Discovery Channel. The wrapping got installed for one month and was seen by more than 90.000 tourists and pedestrians crossing the tunnel on their way to work.

Agency: DDB Berlin, Germany.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scotch Brite "Sponge"

They were asked to show Scotch-Brite's USP super absorbent. So they wanted to find a novel way to demonstrate Scotch-Brite super absorbent sponge to their customers. They attached the sponge to water taps that found all over the city. Whenever the tap was used, the consumer saw a clear and effective demonstration of it's superb absorbency. This created a buzz in the city and the clients saw an increase in awareness & sales.

Agency: Y&R Bangkok, Thailand.

Essknete "Calendar"

Essknete is the first edible clay in the world! For their client they made a calendar with yummy girls made of Essknete to seduce buyers for the categories toys and food. The Title "Kaugirls" plays with "Cowgirls" and the German "kau-" which means "to chew".

Agency: Vier für Texas Frankfurt, Germany.

Hospital de Clínicas "Transplants"

61,702. This could be your number if you needed an organ transplant.

Agency: RMG Connect Curitiba, Brazil.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mini "Augmented Reality Advertising a Reality"

Mini has produced a spectacular advertisement, that’s one of the first of it’s kind. The car company created a print ad that when viewed though a web cam produces a virtual 3D model of their Mini Cabrio convertible on screen. The ad was featured in German automotive magazines: Auto, Motor und Sport, Werben & Verkaufen and Autobild.

Check the video here:
Mini Augmented Reality

Colgate "Don’t forget"

Colgate normally gives out small product samples at annual events like "Oral Health Month" to remind target consumers, especially kids, to take better care of their teeth after eating sweets. This method does not drive strong results as most consumers tend to forget the message, even if they have collected the samples. Instead of giving away product samples, ice cream and cotton candy were given out. The stick carrying the ice cream and cotton candy carries a hidden message. Once consumers are done the message printed on the tip of the stick shaped like a toothbrush reveals "Don't Forget" with the Colgate logo. This simple message effectively reminded consumers to brush their teeth.

Agency: Y&R Bangkok, Thailand.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Ambient campaign to highlight the plight of homeless people where 30 cardboard beds were placed onto the streets of London. In the cardboards was written: "Loving the snow? Try sleeping in it. Help get homeless people out of the cold for"

Agency: Rapp London, United Kingdom.

Invisible Red

Tierney Communications "Lunch & Learn"

Despite years of breast cancer education, many women still don't notice they have a lump until it's too late. They wanted women to safely experience how breast cancer quitly starts and how it spreads. So they tactically placed a pink dot on a mirror in the restroom such that when a women looks at herself, it appears to be on her breast. The dot then grows over several days, creating interest and buzz until they finally revealed an invitation to an event to learn more about breast cancer. In an agency full of very busy people who often don't even attend mandatory company meetings, they had a full house.

Agency: Tierney Communications Philadelphia, USA.

Philadelphia Phillies "Congratulations Phillies"

Maintain a relationship with the Philadelphia Phillies organization in hopes of securing more projects with them in the future. While in the middle of the playoffs, instead of sending the Phillies a congratulations card, they sent them an interactive experience. They created a digital Colonial war map depicting cities where the Phillies had won clashes, with each location marked by a red cannon. Click on one, and you are engaged with colonial battle footage or quirky animation which has been edited to some heart-pounding, play-byplay audio. In addition to sending this to them on a disc in a custom box, they also posted it on a microsite: The Phillies won the World Series. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Agency: Tierney Communications Philadelphia, USA.

Civil War Museum of Philadelphia "Kepi"

Please consider a donation to help preserve and relocate the Civil War Museum of Philadelphia to its new home at the First Bank of the United States.

Agency: Tierney Communications Philadelphia, USA.

Revita Beauty Center.

Relax with Shiatsu.

Agency: Fields, Brazil.

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital "Post-It"

Hair Removal is a painful and messy experience for most people. They needed to communicate that a simpler, less painful and cost effective option was available. They covered their poster with post-its designed like waxing strips, and hair printed on the back that encouraged people to peel them off mimicking the action of waxing. This clearly enticed them to opt for the client's less painful laser hair removal treatment instead. They aimed the communication at young men and women who regularly performed hair removal treatments. An increase in more than 15% in enquiries was recorded at the call centre regarding Laser Hair Removal.

Agency: Impact Plus Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital "Bubble Wrap"

For the most people, acne is an embarrassing problem that leaves scars on the face. They needed to communicate that a simpler less painful option to get rid of them was available. Bubble wrap gives people an unnatural urge to pop it. And covering their posters with it reminded their target audience of their battle against acne. Young men and women who suffered from acne and were scarred by it formed their target audience. An increase in more than 15% in enquiries was recorded at the call centre regarding the skin resurfacing treatments.

Agency: Impact Plus Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Friday, February 06, 2009

McDonald's "Speed bump"

McDonald's Shaker Fries.

Agency: DDB, New Zealand.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Vodafone "Bus window sticker"

Promoting internet on your mobile phone by showing all the benefits of moving image and entertainment in a window sticker. HL: Watch online videos anywhere with internet on your mobile.

Agency: DDB Budapest, Hungary.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Think diapositive.

Slides transformed into business cards for Croatian photographer. Each business card is unique.

Agency: ohoho d.o.o. Zagreb, Croatia.

Brastemp "Stainless"

Brastemp Stainless. The real stainless. To advertise Brastemp’s line of stainless refrigerators, stoves and microwave ovens, they decided to take advantage of stainless walls in shopping center elevators by placing outline stickers with the shape of the products.

Agency: DDB São Paulo, Brazil.

Magic-i "Floating Bag"

The agency was given the task to design a shopping bag for Magic-i, a magic shop. It has to be relevant to the business, original and impactful. The handles of the shopping bag are made of transparent fishing line, wich makes it look like it is being held without handles as if by magic! This original idea created quite an impact, getting stares from passers-by who couldn't believe their eyes!

Agency: Grey Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Visit Niagara Falls "Post-box waterfall"

Visit Niagara Falls.

Agency: KNARF New York, USA.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Foster’s Wine Group "The Corks"

Fosters Wine Group was struggling with younger restaurant servers not knowing much about wine and therefore unable to sell it well. To educate them in an engaging way they created the CORKS. An actual band in the vain of SPINAL TAP that created spoof songs about the different wine varietals, serving tips, and food pairing. “UNSCREW ME” dismantles the myths of screw top wines. Servers at various restaurants received a kit that included the CD with booklet insert, buttons, and a scroll pen with a pull out cheat sheet to help with common questions.

Agency: Alcone Marketing Group Irvine, USA.

Motion Fitness "Join the gym"

In 2008, testing of a new bodyscanner at airports began. This caused a lot of discussion and became a topical, recurrent issue all over the media. The scans create pictures where one can see every flaw on your body; not even the littlest love handle you usually cover with clothes can be hidden. They found this to be the perfect hook for the Fitness & Beauty Studio gym to raise awareness and increase membership. The posters were placed in the immediate area that surrounded the new gym wich is located just five kilometres from the Basel Euroairport.

Agency: Publicis Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich Financial Services "Stickers"

Their task was to promote the speed and ease of having car damages fixed through the Zurich insurance "HelpPoint" service centers. These service centers allow auto insurance customers to drop off their dameged cars for quick, hassle free repairs. The HelpPoint takes care of all of the claims paperwork, arranges for all of the reapairs and even provides a coutesy car so customers can stay mobile. To demonstrate how quickly car damages are fixed through HelpPoint, they placed "cling" stickers on parked cars in front of stores, on residential streets, basically everywhere. The car owners returned to find their car had a scratch, graffitti or a shattered window. Once the initial shock wore off, the car owners could then effortlessly pull the "damage" off. The simple text drove the point home.

Publicis Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich Financial Services "Friday the 13th"

It's a common belief the friday the 13th is a good day for bad things to happen. It turns out, it's also a good day to advertise insurance. Using the old cliché of a flower pot accidentally falling on your car, they turned to the streets to create something memorable. On the morning of friday the 13th, people woke up to find rows of broken flower pots strewn across the city sidewalks. As they look closer, they saw small, well branded signs that read: "Today is friday the 13th. Are you well insured? Zurich. Because change happens." In addition to the signs, they created branded flower labels that doubled as vouchers. Each voucher was good for a complimentary consultation with a Zurich insurance expert waiting in the Zurich agency just 100 meters away. In general, the typically conservative Swiss were very amused, surprised and pleased with the promotion. They noticed a number of people taking pictures with their mobile phones, wich were then found on local blogs. By end of the day, the Swiss and german press had picked up the sory both online and in print. As the installation was being removed, people were still asking for vouchers. A very lucky few even went home with fresh flowers. Best of all, Zurich reported a spike in consultation requests the entire "unlucky" day.

Agency: Publicis Zurich, Switzerland.

Sergio Freitas, Dog Coach "Biscuits"

Business Card - Sergio Freitas, Dog Coach.

Agency: RMG Connect Curitiba, Brazil.

Greenpeace "Tree"

Deforestation continues with the turn of a page. The global degradation and disappearance of the world’s forests has many causes including agricultural expansion, mining, plantation construction, infrastructure construction and forest fires. Greenpeace believes that global deforestation is primarily due to large-scale industrial logging. Industrial logging has become the greatest danger to forests, threatening more than 70% of the world’s endangered forests. We are experiencing an unprecedented rate of destruction of the world’s forest resources. We are utilizing journal pages and deforestation’s direct relevance to the rate of the destruction of the world’s forests to display the terrible result. The two pages’ varied lengths provide for an interesting magazine advertisement.

Agency: LINKSUS Beijing, China.

Publicis "Paper plates greeting card"

During the recent holiday season, Publicis Vancouver - inspired by the recent economic recession - opted for a contribution to the local food bank on behalf of their clients. In lieu of a traditional holiday card, paper plates were sent to clients informing them of the donation made. The response was overwhelming and received much praise, including an on-air mention from a local radio station.

Agency: Publicis Vancouver, Canada.

Yoga One.

Yoga One. Get Stretchy.

Agency: Marked for Trade Charlotte, USA.