Friday, May 29, 2009

Vaude Outdoor Equipment "Extreme conditions"

Vaude. Equipment for extreme conditions.

Agency: Scholz&Friends Berlin, Germany.

Index Livingmall "Model Room Bags"

The Agust '08 catalogue for Index Livingmall, the furniture store, is introducing the index condo set. Instead of the typical catalogue, it's designed like a shopping bag. The different bag sizes represent the room spaces. With these "bags" the consumer can see the furniture and decor items fit in the condo space printed inside. The detachable items gives the consumer the experience of designing their own space. No doubt will these catalogue bags be the hottest items for Index.

Agency: BBDO Bangkok, Thailand.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clearasil Squeeze"

Clearasil is a pharmaceutical gel designed to fight Acne, widely used by teenagers on puberty. Its image is very strong near this target but not so strong among general practitioners, the biggest medical class in Portugal. That's why they're launching the new Clearasil pills. They needed a different approach to make them prescribe this new Clearasil. The solution was to use the product itself to promote their message: "May this be the last time. The end of Acne starts with Clearasil". To disseminate the properties of the product among general practitioners, people's faces were clued on the back of a product sample. When the movement to open the pill blister is made, one has the feeling of sqeezing a pimple. With Clearasil, it's the last time. In the first 3 months of the promotion Clearasil increased its prescription 45% in general practitioners. A second edition of the promotion his on its as not only general practitioners requested more samples, but also dhermatologits.

Advertising School: Hambre - Leo Burnett Lisbon School, Portugal.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gillette "uArt iPhone application"

Gillette iPhone Application / uArt is a new iPhone and iTouch app developed by Gillette. Just take a picture of you or a friend, add a beard, and shave it into any facial hairstyle you want.

Agency: BBDO, New York, NY and Singapore / Proximity Singapore, New Zealand, Toronto, Canada.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tide "Loads of Hope"

Tide's non traditional campaign loads of hope is clever and great for the brand and actually helps a lot of people in need. The loads of hope vehicle shows up after disasters and allows people to do laundry on the spot. Now that is delivering hope, good will and brand awareness.


Amnesty International Croatia "The plate"

Awareness campaign for Amnesty International Croatia at the local student population. They created a print campaign that depicted life-threatening prison conditions for prisoners of conscience in Mayanmar. Since many of the prisoners are unlawfully imprisoned students they considered it the best story to communicate towards a student target group. The campaign was printed out and placed the on ideal media - hygienic trayliners for student cafeterias. This way students can compare prisoner meals with their own in order to grasp the gravity of the Myanmar problem.

Agency: HYPE Zagreb, Croatia.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Loctite Super Attack "Business card"

Launch of the new positioning of Super Attack "Don't throw it away. Papair it". The client has requested the agency to identify a communication instrument able to tell about the brand in an original and enthralling manner, particularly for the sales force. The agency came up with the idea of a Limited Edition of business cards to be distributed during sales force Conventions. The idea consists of inserting into small plastic envelopes the cut up business cards of the managers of the Henkel Group Glues Division. Getting the business cards in this way, the dealers have to change to concretely try out in first person the new Super Attak idea that suggest repairing and reusing even what you would have thrown away in the past.

Agency: DDB Milan, Italy.

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters "Lennox"

Right now, someone is sitting in a café scribbling on a napkin. Some are creating detailed doodles, some are making lists, while others are writing pocket-sized stories. To help make Robert Harris synonymous with inspiration, they published those stories on napkins and inserted them into magazines.

Agency: DraftFCB Auckland, New Zealand.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memac Ogilvy "Recession business cards"

With growing economic concerns and shrinking marketing budgets, they needed to tell clients and prospective clients that in spite of - indeed because of the recession, we are more relevant to them now. What they needed was a simple, cheap and effective way to do this. They created undersized business cards with appealing designs and thought provoking lines to drive potential clients to; a website offering smart strategies to deal with downturn. The responses were overwhelming. Aside from being an engaging icebreaker with their desired audience - they had produced an insightful, relevant and targeted campaign, by saving rather than spending.

Agency: Memac Ogilvy Dubai, UAE.

Vodafone/Earth Hour "Fluorescent freecard"

Switch off the light one more time on March 28th between 20:30 and 21:30! Let this be your vote against global warming.

Agency: DDB Budapest, Hungary.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grupo Imagen "Mask"

When the World Health Organization raised the influenza pandemic alert level from 4 to 5 was necessary to tell people to avoid kissing and to wear surgical face masks in public places in order to stop the epidemic. Since they knew that people on the streets were reluctant to wear them, they printed a message of goodwill on the masks to encourage people to use them. 5000 facemasks were given away outside subway stations. They ran out of masks within 30 minutes and people were placed to receive them. The message to use face masks in order to control the epidemic was spread all over the city.

Agency: Labase, Mèxico.

National Geographic "Jail set"

To promote a shock documentary series on day-to-day life in one of America's worst prisons. More than 30.000 place settings depicting a picture of a disgusting prison meal tray were distributed at lunchtime in Paris eateries and brasseries (restaurants). This ambient promotional campaign for the show generated far more attention than the press and poster campaign that was launched concurrently. The outcome? The chain achieved its highest viewing figures since its foundation in 2001. Many articles were written mentioning the operation in the French daily press and in French magazines.

Agency: H Paris, France.


Prague’s street art collective EPOS 257 recently converted some blank billboards into abstract art with the help of a few paintball guns. They write: Shooting into the white surface of vacant billboards with a paintball gun – blank canvasses in an urban environment, a gesture expressing an opinion and at the same time abstract painting in a urban environmemt.

Check the video here:
Urban shoot painting

Etat Libre d'Orange "Tom of Finland shopping bag"

Tom of Finland is a popular gay icon made famous by his sexually explicit illustrated books, as well as a range of fragrances launched in his named. And when you purchase on of his creations, what better than to carry on his sexual tone than giving the appearance that when you reach into the bag, you're actually stuffing your hand down the front of a very well endowered mans trousers.

Agency: Ogilvy, France.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Salvation Army "This Campaign Cost Nothing"

A pro-bono campaign that launched May 11 for the Salvation Army of Northern New England to create awareness of the organization's services. The entire campaign was done for free, creative was donated by VIA, and all media space was donated by local businesses. The campaign uses guerrilla media uniquely tailored to each business. It is also supported by print, online and T.V.

Agency: VIA, USA.

Greenpeace Car Free Day 2009 "Key Saw"

Cars are destroying the world's forest. A quarter of the forests lost in the last 10,00 years have been destroyed in the last 30 years, to help turn the tide, greenpeace is launching a campaign for a Car Free Day 2009. To relate the message more strongly to drivers, a saw made from a car key shown sawing down a tree beside the road. The implication of course is that every time the driver starts his engine he is helping to cut down a tree. The message on the key says, "you are driving our forests to destruction. Show your support for Car Free Day 2009 at".

Agency: Grey Hong Kong, China.

Iams Dog Food "Frisbee"

Iams Dog Food makes strong dogs.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, Australia.

Axe "Calendar"

As wrapping the female students' dormitory in the shape of calendar and using Axe for a month throughout March, They aimed for the expression that a new female can be met on a daily basis, to promote the brand image and preference for Axe.

Agency: When Gee Seoul, South Korea.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Romani "Ecological Business Card"

Design a business card for an environmental consultant. Business cards are usually made of paper. But using paper, even recycled, is not good for the environment. To avoid this issue, the solution was to not print any card at all, but to create a rubber stamp and then "recycle" anything that is at hand (carton paper, cigarette packs, napkins, and other wastes) into business cards. The new "business card" communicates clearly what this proffesional offers: clever new ways of recycling, saving money and protecting the environment. More than a card it's a piece of communication.

Agency: Fischer Lisbon, Portugal.

Breast cancer awareness "Take her bra off"

The main objective of this project is to make cancer patients, who has her breast removed, smile again through the donation and 10,999 voluntary made Imitation breasts. A main idea is attaching real breast implants to breast area of woman pictures that will make that area looks eminent and make people pay attention to the picture. They will put a few words "Take her bra off" then if there is anyone touch, a picture of woman with out breast will appear immediately with the message that asking help for 10,999 waiting patients. Audients who see this new media may just feel funny and excite at first but will feel pity and pay more attention to the patients then.

Agency: High Bangkok, Thailand.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

NGO IHDI "Postcard"

The goal was to capture donors and volunteers for Estação Bem Estar: lodging that shelters, treats and reinserts homeless people from the streets of São Paulo City in the society. They photographed touristic points of São Paulo, like Catedral da Sé, where there is a large concentration of homeless people in the area. With the photos, they created postcards that show not only the beauty of the place, but also its reality: homeless people. To create impact and incomes, they made a partnership with newsstands and bookstores in order to sell these postcards together with other conventional postcards.

Agency: Sun/MRM, Brasil.

Club Med "Seashells"

To convey that idea of tranquility with peaceful and more quiet beaches during the low season, they sent to VIP clients a box with the call “Use this gift to listen to the sound that will be played at Club Med during the low season”. When the client opened the box, he came across a different earphone with a shell on each of its sides.

Agency: Sun/MRM, Brasil.

NGO IHDI "House"

The idea was to reach people who are looking for a real property to buy or to rent. Their objective is to move these people emotionally, showing them the reality of those whose homes are the city’s streets. And to do this, they will make an ad in a renowned Brazilian real estate site, showing a street shelter as if it were for sale together with beautiful and spacious properties.

Agency: Sun/MRM, Brasil.

Alumni Language School "Found In Translation"

Nothing is more embarrassing to an executive that be a non-english speaker. In this action, they used a different kind of media to communicate directly with this public: the lecture of a renowned business expert for a workshop. At the moment the lecture began, participants who were using simultaneous translation phones listened to the following message: “If you don’t want to use these phones in the next lectures in English, study at Alumni. Start now, free of any enrollment fee , by sending a SMS to number 9437.

Agency: Sun/MRM, Brasil.

SulAmérica Home Insurance "Wild Pets"

By means of several digital campaigns for database enrichment, they have detected that 30% of the families of SulAmérica Home Insurance’s clients had harmless pets. They have used this information to create an incentive action that leveraged renewal of SulAmérica Home Insurance. Based on the information obtained in the research, they sent warning plates, like those used for wild dogs, customized with the families’ pets.

Agency: Sun/MRM, Brasil.

Alumni Language School "Translation Tag"

They proposed an action in partnership with t-shirts brands that have online sales. All t-shirts with sentences in English would be distributed together with Alumni’s tag with the translation of the respective sentence. Besides they proposed a different fashion blog to complement the action with photos of people wearing t-shirts with wrong or inappropriate English sentences.

Agency: Sun/MRM, Brasil.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Art colective Neozoon makes urban art out of old fur coats.

Check the site here:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Windex "Glass So Clean It's Invisible"

The goal was to create a fun, attention-getting ambient experience on the streets of Chicago for Windex. At the same time,Draftfcb Chicago wanted to prove in a light-hearted way what so many Windex users have learned: 'Glass is so clean it's invisible'. The solution was a guerilla effort utilizing Chicago's renowned Second City improvisational performers and … Nothing. The result: thousands of consumers saw nothing and went away thinking only one thing: Glass so clean it’s invisible. This event was staged over a week during the busiest times of day on Chicago's Michigan.

Check the video here:

Agency: DraftFCB Chicago, USA.

Gas-X "Fries"

In today's world, people have a fast paced lifestyle, caring too little about their nutrition. Work schedules force us to eat out, mostly junk food, causing digestive disorders due to the meals that are harder for our bodies to process, and making us feel heavier and filled with gas. Gas-X has found a fun way to approach this issue with an activation among thousands of consumers in commercial areas of the city Quito. The activation consists in sending a french fries sack (not regular size) made of ballons to remind people the feeling of gas this kind of meal creates, acompanied to a blister of gas-X for their future relief.

Agency: Rivas Herrera/Y&R Quito, Ecuador.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tom de Keizer "Learn real motorcycling"

Dutch winters are wet and cold, making motorcycling a much less attractive proposition. For this reason, interest in motorcycle lessons drops significantly during this period, meaning that Tom de Keizer must actively pusue new students. In the Netherlands, children put playing cards in the spokes of their bike wheels to create a rattling sound, which, in their imagination, transforms their bicycle into a motorbike. This factor was the basis for their promotion, targeted at students. They placed 500 discount cards in the form of a motorbike licence between the spokes of their bicycles, wich gave them the opportunity to take motorcycle lessons at a discount price. The results: 31 free trial lessons (objective 20) & 18 new participants (objective 10).

Agency: &Koenseseverein Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Lamisil "Stop the spread"

To highlight Lamisil as the most effective cure for athlete's food, yet wit a limited media budget. In cooperation with InterSport, they placed a series of infected shoes in quarantine cages, complete with hidden speakers playing "infection" sounds, in the sport section of their retail shops. The action successfully targeted people as they pursued their sports hobbies - those activities where the change of catching athlete's food is highest. The action only began in April and is still running. However all samples and flyers were taken within the first few days and in-store response has been fantastic.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Germany.

Tibits vegetarian restaurant "Fork"

For Tibits, a large vegetarian restaurant chain in Switserland, oversized forks have been produced to be fixed to trees in major parks and in main outdoor shopping areas all over Switserland. In an surprisingly new manner the freshness of Tibits food could thus be demonstrated to people walking by.

Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Switzerland.

GP Group "Hitting the target"

Make sure the other part of this bullet never reaches you.
GP Group. Personal Security.

Agency: FabraQuinteiro São Paulo, Brazil.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Scala JWT "Eggfight"

Every Easter all Romanians engage in an age long tradition, that no one seems to know, or, indeed, care, where it came from. They pick what they believe to be the strongest egg in the basket and they smash it against another, chosen by one of their friends, along with the words "Christ is resurrected", to which the opponent answers "He is resurrected indeed". It's always difficult to pick up the strongest egg for the fight and everyone has his own method or tricks. Scala JWT Bucharest decided to add a twist on another age old tradition - intricately decorating the Easter eggs - by providing their friends and clients with a set of stickers designed to pimp the unsuspecting eggs for the big battle.

Agency: Scala JWT Bucharest, Romania.

FC St.Pauli "Chapel"

Once you have stood in the St.Pauli stand, surrounded by waving colours, chanting with others, you know the deal: this is beyond soccer. This is belief. This is religion. Every religion needs its chapel. Where, if not in the heart-in the Millerntor-Stadium? In the midst of angel statues, icons of legendary St.Pauli kickers and authentic pews. There gleams a box as a sacred chapel. Relics soaring above the altar remind of great moments and heros. Entering, you will have the feeling, as if your private chant would sound through the sacred halls: We believe. In the FC St.Pauli.

Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany.

Scrabble "Words Campaign"

Bring back Scrabble to the top of mind, the board game in wich you win by putting together words in vertical and horizontal ways. They decided to take advantage of the most representative buildings and their company name to create words with the same Scrabble's typefaces. In that way they could show that Scrabble is a game that is fun and easy, and you can play it anywhere. For a series of days people found themeselves looking at modified buildings' name which created a strong word of mouth and a motivation to play again.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Bogota, Colombia.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sundown Solar Protection.

Sundown Solar Protection: an ad that reacts under the sun just as your skin would. Magazine insert that invites the reader to discover an image that shows who uses and who doesn't use Sundown. When exposing the insert to the light (UVB rays), the man, that apparently doesn't use the product, becomes very red, while the woman, with Sundown in her purse and on her body, maintains a sun tan. The redness ceases once the image is taken away from the light.

Agency: DDB, Brasil.

WWF "Save the planet"

This piece is composed of 2 balloons, one inside the other. The internal balloon represents our planet, and the external one shows the layer of pollution in the atmosphere. WWF balloons were distributed by volunteers in open spaces. People who received the ballons were told to use a pin attached to the tag to blow up the exterior balloon. By doing so, we can see planet Earth with no interference, and this demonstrates that if everybody helps we can stop pollution on our planet.

Agency: DDB, Brazil.

Volvo XC60 "Ski Boots"

Volvo Norway sponsors Norway's premier Alpine resorts. They are constantly looking for new ways of communicating their sponsorship. To create buzz and awareness around their premium SUV model Volvo XC60, ski boots were redecorated and turned into the car itself.

Agency: TBWA\ Oslo, Norway.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Toughbook "Human statues"

An outdoor public stunt to showcase the amazing lightness of the new Toughtbook 14" laptop CF-Y8.

Agency: Sparkfury, Singapore.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Breast cancer awareness "Stress Ball"

The Friends of Cancer Patients organization wanted to educate women on the importance of checking their breast on a regular basis for any kind of abnormality. This piece of communication draws attention to the most universal symptom of breast cancer: The Lump.

Agency: JWT Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Transperth "Bus"

They remind football fans at Subiaco Stadium that public transport is an alternative to the congestion and parking problems on match days.

Agency: Cooch Creative Perth, Australia.

AMI "Sinchuan"

AMI is a NGO that sends doctors and nurses to areas hit by natural disasters or wars. To do so it always asks for the public's contributions. This poster that is made of "your turn" tickets. The whole of the poster shows a picture of the destructed Shichuan town but when you take off a ticket you both eliminate the image and get a thank you message and the account number to where you should send your contribution. The poster appeared at pharmacies and drugstores .

Agency: Y&R, Portugal.

Emirates Holidays "Window Washer"

Emirates Holidays wanted to speak to office workers in a way that would grab their attention. They wanted them to take a holiday, and to encourage this, they made possible for them to 'Change their view' from their everyday/mundane view.

Agency: Impact BBDO Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Pantene Hair Care "Envelope"

Media establishments received a variety of information on Pantene's latest products and most recent events in a branded envelope. The string that seals the envelope appears to be coming from the woman's hair on the flap. To seal or unseal it means putting pressure on the string effectively dramatizing strong hair.

Agency: Grey Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

SBS Short Breaks "Champagne Spray"

DM piece to media buyers to entice them to book space in SBS Television's Really Short commercial breaks, where there are less ads, so their client's brand won't get mixed up with all the others.

Agency: US Sydney, Australia.

1300 Flowers "PA Day 1300 Flowers"

They turned street signs into flowers for PA Day. 450 signs were converted in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Personal Assistants and bosses were targeted by placing the ambient advertising in CBD and commuter belt areas. The results speak for themselves. Compared with PA Day 2008, orders were up 77% and average revenue per order was up 14%.

Agency: Banjo Sydney, Australia.

Smart "Indoor Drive-in"

How do you communicate to people that the Smart car is roomier inside than most people think? Ply them with popcorn and get them to spend one and a half hours inside one while watching a movie. They created the urban indoor drive-in experience in the middle of town with it creating a huge amount of press and selling out all sessions.

Agency: Supermarkart Melbourne, Australia.