Sunday, May 03, 2009

Green Project Awards "The green savers"

Creation of an alternative communication format to guarantee a high level of visibility and notoriety for the Green Project Awards, a competition that grants prizes to projects organised in the field of the Environment and Sustainability. Implementation of a live outdoor in Lisbon's 2nd circular road using hydroponic techniques. The different stages of implementation of the structure were accompanied by various media bodies. Once completed, the outdoor was reported on TV news bulletins and incited curiosity amongst a large number of media channels that emphasised the innovative character of the proposal. The outdoor was strategically located in the main access to the city of Lisbon, a road with a circulation of more than 40.000 automobiles daily. With more than 250 projects in the competition, the Green Project Awards has been, during 6 months, a constant presence in the media.

Agency: McCann Erickson Lisbon, Portugal.