Friday, July 11, 2008


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Pond's White Beaty "UV Protection"

Fair skin is highly desired by women in China. It is common to see them carrying umbrellas when they're outdoors. This unusual idea is thus true to their daily avoidance of sunlight. It also strongly demostrates the sun protection benefit of Pond's White Beaty moisturizing lotion.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai, China.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hyne Timber "Coffin"

Coming legislation in Queensland will require all new homes to be termite proof. This presents a huge opportunity for Hyne T2, wich is already one of the most poular anti-termite options in the state. The target audience were builders. Their solution was to demonstrate the effectiveness of Hyde T2 Red. They sent out a coffin made of Hyne T2 Red and filled with dead termites (for builders that Hyne representatives had a good relationship with) or plastic termites (for the rest of the builders).

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia.

Unicef "Well"

Viet Nam has made rapid progress over the past decades. But many parts of the country have been left behind. It is estimated that nearly 17 milion children in Viet Nam (52%)have no access to save water. And the the figures are much higher in ethnic minority and remote areas. Unicef has been working with the Vietnamese goverment to provide rural communities with greater access to safe water. It also supports the goverment in developing childfriendly water facilities for kindergartens and schools. These ongoing aid efforts are part of UNICEF's contribution to the Millennium Development Goal for water and sanitation: to halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation. UNICEF is supported entirely by voluntary funds. Because it relies on thecontributions of individuals, businesses and goverments, they decided to help by creating a fund raising device that will reach out the well-heeled residents and tourists in Viet Nam. At first glance it may look like a regular donation container. Except, there's water in it. Designed to look like a cross-section of a well, the water level rises whenever a coin is donated into the container. At the top of the well is a boy symbolizing the children who need help getting access to safe water. These collecting "wells" will be used to gather donations from visitors to UNICEF's offices across Viet Nam, as well as locations where well-off locals and tourists gather such as boutique shops, restaurants, clubs and bars.

Agency: TBWA\ Singapore.

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  • Sunday, July 06, 2008

    Utah Museum of Fine Arts "Mirror"

    See the world through the eyes of Monet and 22 other masters. Monet to Picasso, June 23-September 21.

    Agency: Richter7, USA.

    DHL "Gridlock"

    To demonstrate DHL's inexplicable ability to deliver on time regardless of conditions, this outdoor piece dominated MTR escalators across Hong Kong. The areas either side and between the escalators were covered with giant bird's-eye view of Hong Kong highway jam-packed with stationary traffic. The moving handrails then acted as a fast lane with a steady flow of little yellow DHL vans racing past.

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, China.

    Unicef "Staircase"

    Don't ignore me. China has over 1.5 million underprivileged children. To help, call 020 82266673.

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai, China.

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  • China Organization Against Domestic Violence.

    This direct campaign was done for the China Organization Against Domestic Violence. Thousands of people across China recieved the thought provoking letter in the mail. But this was no ordinary letter. It calls on people to contact their helpline to uncover domestic violence. The campaign was in the form of an envelope. When opening the envelope what looks like a streak of blood is immediately visible, it seems to be leaking out the envelope. Once the envelope is open is unveils a three-dimensional image of a sitting room where an incident of domestic violence is taking place. The setting of the scene, a household, is familiar to everuyone. But the horror of the scene will hopefully shock people into uncorvering the truth to stop the violence. In the three months since the campaign has been running the "China Organization Against Domestic Violence" has received 69% more calls for help. Additionally, "China Organization Against Domestic Violence" investigated specific reports of domstic violence and stopped 76 incidents.

    Agency: DDB Shanghai, China.

    Mercedes-Benz "Shine from above"

    For Christmas, Merceds-Benz requested a direct mailing promotion for the base of loyal clients who are always changing from one Mercedes to another. The appreciation for the Mercedes brand is passed trough generations and most of their loyal clients are also sons of Mercedes owners too. To insert the Mercedes spirit during this special occasion they created a Christmas Tree carrying the Mercedes logo, wich by the new quideline "should always shine from above". They received dozens of emails from their clients asking how could they by another one for their jalous relatives.

    Agency: Ponto de Criacao Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    China Women Development Foundation "Water"

    West China has a very dry and arid land with extreme water shortage making the living conditiYuan is good enough to build a water tank, wich can help a family stop living under water shortage, there is no significant help as there is no cultural background of charity in China. So they needed to remind people of money donation to build water tanks for the people in dry regions of West China, in order to improve their living conditions. Keeping the principles of physics and impactful creativity in mind, a special donation x was designed and kept at major public areas (restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings) for the charity campaign. Every time a coin is inserted the water level increases and when sufficient number of coins inserted the water begins to flow out through the pipe and drops on the thirsty mouth of the kid (dummy). This device is an active demonstration of the ultimate benefit of the small help. It grabs the attention of public, appeals to their curiosity and gets them actively involved in donation.

    Agency: Mccann HealthCare Shanghai, China.

    HSBC "Wimbledon Grass Art"

    They enlisted British artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey to create “grass photographs” for HSBC’s partnership with the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Harnessing seedling grass light sensitivity, Ackroyd and Harvey, who are known for similar work worldwide, record photographic images by projecting black and white negatives onto grass as it grows in a dark room for 12 hours per day for more than a week. The grass grows in accordance to the modified light exposure, thus the photo “develops” on a living canvas. Three people featured who represent the essence of Wimbledon: Tara Moore, competing in the qualifying tournament; Eddie Seaward, head groundsman at Wimbledon for the last 15 years; and Lizzie May, a coach for the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative.

    Agency: JWT London, United Kingdom.

    Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Latvian Transplantation Centre "Donors"

    The brief from the client was to develop the campaign against speeding and agressive driving and in that way reduce the number of car accidents and people killed on the roads. Target audience were those who consider the speeding kind of lifestyle - the protest to existing speed limits, not people who are exceeding the allowed speed for some 10km/h, but those who are playing hide and seek with the police. Organ Donors Certificate was developed as a part of the campaign. Agency analysed that the reason for speeding is very social, fast driving is considered to be cool among large groups of the society. Since lecturing would not work for grown-ups it was necessary to shock the target audience. Another social problem - shortage of organs needed for transplantation was found and during the campaign agressive drivers were asked to sign their organs to those who are waiting in rows for transplantaton operations, by signing Organ Donors Certificate. Certificates were issued directly to aggressive drivers during raids by the Latvian road traffic police. Number of victims dropped by 29%. You may ignore the ad, but you will always remember the day you signed your Organ Donors Certificate and devoted your organs to somebody else. Campaign raised as well the discussion of another social problem - the sortage of organ donors, Transplantation Center was very thankful and client had nothing against combined solution, since the main task was to save lives.

    Agency: MOOZ! Riga, Latvia.

    Ready Salad.

    To create an innovative brand touchpoint to Hortifruti, a brazilian fresh fruits & vegatables retail market chain. A recyclable salad package that adds value to the brand, generates new income, and grabs new consumers. Recently, healthy and organic food have gained rising attention to consumers. However, eating healthy outside home is still a struggle: you find mainly oily, fatty and greasy food. Ready Salad communicates directly it purpose: eating healthy can be an instant and appealing act. It comes with its fork and knife injected in the same mould. These utensils with superior quality are taken smoothly from the main dish. Around 100.000 units were sold in the first three months.

    Agency: Industria Nacional & Dialogo Design Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Glide Dental Floss "Pig"

    Nice ambient for dental floss brand Glide.

    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York, USA.