Thursday, July 26, 2007


Directdaily goes on a holiday untill 19 August.

Y+Yoga Center "Clock"

A nice clock was created to give to current Y Yoga Plus members.

Agency: Lem Shanghai, China.

Red Cross "Bag"

Volunteers needed.

Agency: Lem Shanghai, China.

Amnesty International "Pen"

Write for freedom.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Malaysia.

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  • Wednesday, July 25, 2007 "Stuck in the wrong job?"

    Stuck in the wrong job? Sharp Search. Right Jobs.

    Agency: JWT, Hong Kong.

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  • Don't Be A Tosser, Bin Your Butts.

    Cigarette butt litter is a serious problem in Victorria. And with legislation forcing smokers out of licensed premises and onto the street about to take effect, the problem had the potential to get much worse. A part of Sustainability Victoria's "Don't Be A Tosser, Bin Your Butts" campaign, these temporary ambient pieces were created in the weeks leading up to the smoking ban on July 1, using cigarette butts gathered from the streets witin a 1km radius of Melbourne's CBD.

    Agency: Grey Melbourne, Australia.

    Drambuie "Return of the Prince"

    Their brief was to get young affluent males and to try Drambuie in a new serving suggestion - Drambuie & Soda. The problem was, even though everyone has heard of Drambuie, they don’t know what it is or how you drink it. Bar staff included. Also, the bars they wanted to get people to drink it in don’t really allow promotions. And now for some history. The recipe for Drambuie was handed down by Scottish Prince, Charles Stuart, to a loyal subject after his defeat on the battlefield by the British in 1745 (if he’d won, he’d have been King of Great Britain!). True story. Their idea was to bring Charles Stuart back - a direct descendant of the original Scottish prince, surrounded with the trappings of a very wealthy playboy. His own blog established a globetrotting history. Charles visited bars as a Scottish bloke on holiday. He’d get chatting with barmen, ordering a Drambuie & Soda and showing them how to mix one. A few days later Charles would turn up with his entourage - including a chauffered $300K Audi and security. This time he’d get chatting with the locals and maybe shout them a drink - a Drambui & Soda. Why Drambuie? He might make a reference to some family history. Before leaving, Charles would give his new-found friends his calling card, and invite them to a party he was throwing whilst in town. Charles toured bars in Sydney and Melbourne and hosted parties in both cities for over 500 people. The parties made the social pages and Charles popped up on various blogs etc. Charles also introduced his new found friends to the “Drambuie Clan”. And then he disappeared. Charles hasn’t been seen for months, but still the Drambuie is flowing - through invitations to pop-up parties and events - most with a Scottish theme.

    Agency: The One Centre, Australia.

    Sunday, July 22, 2007


    Urban intervention made by Roadsworth.

    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Die Hard 4.0 "Smash-o-meter"

    He is tough. See if you are as well. A “Smash-o-Meter” was installed in Shopping Malls to measure the strength of its users.

    Agency: MPM Propaganda São Paulo, Brazil.

    Broadband internet action "Giant folder"

    This action was developed to announce that net virtua is the best option in sending and receiving large files. huge file folders, like the one on computers, were delivered to companies by gofers and messengers.

    Agency: Talent São Paulo, Brazil.

    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    Galeto's Restaurant "Dish"

    A good meal is like a good movie: you go up to the end. Special edition of dishes, made specially for Galeto's Cultural campaign, that offers discounts to the ones who have dinner at Galeto's after going to the movies.

    Agency: Full Jazz, Brazil.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    To communicate that you can register all kinds of domain names at being in a low margin and cluttered business category, advertising had to be low cost yet destinctive. They pasted net4domains branded stickers (with the word .com) on various existing public signs to make interesting domain names. The line at the bottom read "Register it at". After the campaign was released, visits to the site grew by 70%. Many of the inquiries resulted in actual registration.

    Agency: Euro RSCG Delhi, India.

    NH Hotels "Where you would like to be"

    NH Hotels advertisement was placed on Iberia airlines headrests. On the back of the headrests you could see illustrations enjoying the different activites offered by NH Hotels: golf, beach, sauna, etc. When people sat they would see the illustration in front of them and just above the illustration's head you could see the hair of the person seating right in front as well, as if it were the illustration's own set of hair.

    Agency: Zapping/M&C Saatchi, Spain.

    Brasil Telecom "Pagemarkers"

    No matter in what city you are, with carrier code 14 you’re never far from loved ones.

    Agency: Leo Burnett, Brazil.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    CVV "suicide prevention center"

    Very nice work done by Leo Burnett. Copy: "Help yourself".

    Agency: Leo Burnett São Paulo, Brazil.


    A decal in the shape of a stainless steel kettle paste over the mirror, is used to emphasize the capability of the grease remover. Copy: "Stain-less reflection"

    Agency: Mccann Healthcare, China.

    Blue Sky Day.

    On Thursday the 21st June, the longest day of the year, aspiring artists across the country took part in the first ever Blue Sky Day. The quality of the work created was outstanding with participants drawing inspiration from collections in the National Gallery to the blue skies above them.

    Agency: Cake London, United Kingdom.


    Previous campaigns had failed to make an impact, so they decided to really target their communications and use an idea that could not be ignored. The Conservatory excels in the creativity of their flower arrangements. They can develop entire themes and create all sorts of objects out of flowers. So Personal chose to target businesses that place a very high value on creativity. And what businesses in London could be more creative than those that excelled in one of the world's toughest creative competitions, the D&AD? Within a few days of the awards they sent the winners flowers with a congratulatory note. They went one step further than simply sending a bouquet (which would have been nice in itself). To showcase The Conservatory's skills in the best way possible, they sent them a D&AD pencil like the one they had won - only this one was made out of flowers. The accompanying letter asked the prospects whether their office reception really lived up to their high creative standards. It went on to explain how they could also tie arrangements into their creative presentations and pitches.

    Agency: Personal, United Kingdom.

    Monday, July 16, 2007

    Sony Playstation "God of War II"

    Sony Playstation introduces God of War II, an action-adventure game that focus heavily on combat and puzzle-solving. The story is based on Greek mythology. Kratos, the protagonist, is a destructive, arnoral, self-centred, and spitful chararcter, driven constantly by his rage and pride. He seeks revenge on the gods for deceiving him and the deaths of his family. They introduces the Pandora's Box, a mythical object salvaged from the sea. A spell has been cast over the box to keep all evils of mankind and the fury of Kratos from ever seeing the light of day. To discover the utmost secret, the destined one must pay close attention to the clues that are left behind the gods. The only way to open the box is to blind the Cyclops. Penetrate the eye-shaped hole to pull the top off. Strangely enough, there is nothing inside apart from a scroll that promises a godly gift for those who pray to Poseidon, the god who quards his secrets with water. Wet the scroll and the second hint, look to the gods and you will find your treasure buried under mount Olympus, reveals itself. Remove the faux bottem decorated with Mount Olympus to find the demo CD of God of War II.

    Agency: 20:20 London, United Kingdom.

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  • Sunday, July 15, 2007

    CSI-NY "Carbon copy killer"

    An internet film depicts the Carbon-Copy serial killer reporting his crimes over the phone to a New York policeman. The killer reveals the recipient as the murder victim when he speaks his/her name in the telephone confession. Two days later a direct mail pack arrives with forensic evidence and more news reports, detailing the recipient's own gruesome murder at the hands of the killer. The direct mail features a CSI brown folder, complete with coffee-cup stain, evidence bag, newspaper clippings, crime scene Polaroids and an email print-out addressed to the recipient from the killer.

    Agency: 20:20 London, United Kingdom.

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    Post Marriage Counseling "Tape"

    Post Marriage Counseling business card.

    Agency: Santosh Dhome Design, India.

    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Future Sports "Orientation Guide"

    The goal was to get overweight people interested in trying the fat burning courses of the Future Sports fitness chain. Because here, everyone can get in shape. They pasted over the red points of reference on public city maps with much bigger red dots to tell overweight beholders "You are here. It's time to lose weight" Anyone, who then sent "I am here" as a text message to a certain number, received a GPS-generated route description to the closest Future Sports Gym around. Plus: anyone who followed the mobile instructions got a 20% discount on the courses.

    Agency: DDB, Germany.


    Agency: BBDO, New York, USA.

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  • Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Citymail "Does a log hut fit through a letter slot?"

    CityMail is a new Danish postal service. They were looking for an event to proudly show their flexibility and their ability to mail anything and everything - as long as it could trough a letter slot. They rented an empty shop in central Copenhagen. Over a two-week period we mailed a Swedish log hut to the adress using CityMails own letter carriers. A craftsman located inside the shop received beams, nails, screws, paint and roof grass through the letter slot while building the log hut. A web cam documented the event, so everyone could follow the building process at CityMail's web site. The marketing campaign received a lot of attention in the danish, Swedish and Norwegian media. When the hut was completely finished, they had planned a big reception party at the shop, for potential and existing customers and CityMail employees.

  • Watch the video here

  • Agency: Hjaltelin, Stahl & CO, Denmark.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2007


    Wandering Banquets cooperates with artistic entities in order to create an unique hybrid artistic medium by blending in a surrealistic way Fashion, Food, Art and Performance Art.
  • Watch the video here

  • Phillips "Run... Whisker... Run!"

    To reach young men that still didn't select their saving system. To giant characters were created: one being a whisker and the other, a Philips electric shaver, to perform an urban guerrilla close to high schools and universities. During the day they performed a surreal chase: the whisker runs desperately from the electric shaver, among people on the street. to reinforce the impact, the performances were recorded and exhibited on a TV show on national network.

  • Watch the action videos here

  • Agency: Synapsys Marketing&Media, Brazil.

    Monday, July 09, 2007


    What happens when someone using a new technology finds it to be so enticing that they feel compelled to indulge to an excessive degree, disrupting their lives and fracturing relationships? Design For the Computer Obsessive, a project by Joe Malia centers on the role design can play in guiding these individuals through their turbulent affair with the technology. Private Public is a series of objects that highlight the privacy we sacrifice when using mobile technological devices in public spaces.
  • Joe Maila

  • Try killing as many mosquitoes as possible.

    This e-mailing is made for EMSI (Integral Health Medical Unit). EMSI is a medical centre committed with the development of health programmes in the third world countries. This year, their main attention is focused on the Burkina Faso Project 2007, whose objective is to get funding to buy mosquito nets and eliminate malaria in the African country. This e-mailing intends to make selected recipients aware of the impossibility to fight against the malaria-transmitting mosquitoes.

  • See the mailing here

  • Agency: Tiempo BBDO.

    ZB 104 Stereo.

    The client, a local radio station requested a new media opportunity that created awareness in large traffic areas. They using cables, phone and electricity lines as a musical notation sheet.

    Agency: BBDO, Honduras.

    MIA lingerie "Turn him on"

    Using 400mm long swing tags, unsuspecting customers were forced to interact by raising the label and rotating to read the headline. The garment price positioned directly behind on the reverse.

    Agency: Ad Impact Advertising Perth, Australia.

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Greentomatocars "Pass it on"

    Greentomatocars is a taxi service which uses the greenest car around - the Toyota Prius. Moreover they plant thousands of trees a year to make up for unavoidable emissions whilst getting people from A to B. To generate customers they needed to advertise locally. For taxi firms this usually means doing a doordrop. But how do you do a doordrop that isn’t wasteful of paper? And, in this case, a contradiction of the whole idea of the Green Taxi service? Produce a single doordrop that can be passed around the neighbourhood. Each street gets just one doordrop each. The first recipient ticks off their address once they’ve noted the taxi number and then passes it on to the next neighbour. And so on, until the whole street has seen this one doordrop. We targeted households within a two mile radius of the West London office of Greentomatocars. Month on month bookings increased 11%. The rise can only be attributable to the doordrop. The client is now extending the doordrop activity into South West London (and, thereafter, North West London).

    Agency: Harrison Troughton Wunderman, United Kingdom.

    Thursday, July 05, 2007

    Tooheys "Platinum human testing program"

    In 2006, Australia’s most popular beer brand among 18-24 year olds, Tooheys Extra Dry, was under attack from up-market imports and spirit mixers. They couldn’t create a better Tooheys Extra Dry; that would diminish the standing of the parent brand. Instead, their client Lion Nathan Breweries launched Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum, with a stronger 6.5% alcohol- which crucially, they couldn’t mention. They therefore chose to create a dark mystique around the beer, positioning it as Tooheys Extra Dry’s ‘evil twin’. Their creative leap was to launch with the idea that volunteers were wanted to participate in ‘human testing’ this new beer to ensure that it was fit for consumption. And so the Platinum Testing Facility was born: a scientific organisation whose mission was to study the effects of TED Platinum. The campaign involved 4 phases- calling for volunteers, the testing phase; firstly online psychometric testing, then DNA collection and analysis, and finally the publishing of results. Over 30 different mediums were used, all of which were tailored to make a tongue in cheek idea feel as ‘real’ as possible. To date, there’s been 136,000 unique visitors to the website over 395,000 games have been played. They received sample bags literally oozing with hair, toe nails, bodily fluids and the like submitted for analysis, and to date there’s been some 13,500 enquiries for individual DNA results on the website. Most importantly, the campaign has seen TED Platinum grow from nowhere to become Australia’s 7th largest premium beer in just 5 months, without cannibalizing the parent brand. Their client Lion Nathan Breweries is ecstatic with the results.

    Agency: BMF, Australia.

    Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    Afterlife TV Show "Outdoor"

    That would scare the live out of me!

    Agency: M&C Saatchi London, United Kingdom.

    Brazilian Association of Franchises "Parachute"

    Adventure doesn't mix with business. Get a franchise.

    Agency: Full Jazz São Paulo, Brazil.

    Reebok "Extra grip"

    Packaging idea for Reebok climbing shoes.

    Agency: Mccann Erickson Mumbai, India.

    Small, medium or large.

    IBM Malaysia wanted to hold Solutions Day 2006, a conference and exhibition event targeting IT Managers. Unfortunately it faces a huge misconception from Small and Medium-size companies. These customers perceive IBM solutions as expensive, and cater only to large corporations. What's more, IBM wanted to charge a registration fee of RM100 (22 euros) to ensure that only those who were really interested would come to the event. Whatever the size of your organisation, they have the solutions that fit. The event invite took the form of a specially designed letter split into three parts, analogous to Small, Medium and Large businesses. All three parts could be read as one continuous letter. Each part could also be read as a stand-alone letter, showing that every business regardless of size is important to IBM. For this lead generation event, the client's desired response was 600 registrations upon mail-out. A total of 900 people registered, a 150% response. 421 companies were represented, and 60% of attendees were from Small and Medium-size companies. The perception that IBM only caters to large companies was dispelled, with valuable sales leads generated. The success of this campaign has convinced the client to hold a similar event in 2007.

    Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide, Malaysia.