Thursday, July 23, 2009


Directdaily goes on a holiday untill 16 August.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ken Starck Painting Company "Caution!"

In this guerilla-style campaign Ken Starck Painting Company offered their professional services. 200 notes were put up at well-chosen locations in Stockholm, encouraging people to consider repainting this spring.

Agency: Ester Stockholm, Sweden.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bounty "Big spills"

What better way to demonstrate the superior absorbency of Bounty paper towels than with some big spills. And they are talking about some seriously big spills. On Seventh Avenue in New York, busy commuters are greeted by a six foot tall coffee cup knocked over and spilling onto the sidewalk - complete with steam and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. And in Los Angeles, weekend shoppers find a seven-foot long, 550 pound ice pop melting in the Third Street Promenade. Both these spills were accompanied by sampling and outdoor ads delivering the message, Bounty "Makes small work of BIG spills".

Agency: Publicis New York, USA.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Random House New Zealand "Man Trap"

Random House published this step-by-step guide that helps you get the man you want. You can read all about the 150 fun date ideas, what to wear, how to decipher body language, the keys to flirting, what turns men on and off, and more. Or alternatively you could just trap them.

Agency: BBDO Colenso Auckland, New Zealand.

ZEA BBDO "Corporate Image"

They are characters that work day by day in an agency and they seem to be taken out from another world, full of a unique enchantment like no other work. Yes, this is who we are, like brought out of a tale, one more protagonist than others butt all with good lines on the script. The individual photo sessions for each one of the 80 characters of their agency, the costumes such as the best dress, sack and even wigs, that also included the smell of that time. To have a card with your own picture is more than that. It's your essence, is what it sells. Each one of them is an image and a part the ZEA BBDO's DNA. Each card is a part of their history, it's a portrait of this film in wich thousands of scenes are filmed every day and the script is written by them. Why a change of image? They must have fun, they need to feel excited when they give their cards and see the envy face of others that also work in this profession, but they've got a conventional card that only smells of ink, smells of boring printing.

Agency: ZEA BBDO, Venezuela.

Club Med "Relax"

For the launch of Petit Club Med, Club Med's new child care center, they produced a direct mail action which consists of a double side flipbook. 1. On one side they can see the picture of a middle aged mother, laid down, relaxed, and each image of the flipbook is exactly the same, she doesn't move at all. 2. On the other side the flipbook shows the a sequence of two kids joyfully playing on the beach. The claim is: "The best vacation for your kids, and yourself."

Agency: Publicis Graffiti Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bukaaa "Greetings from Zagreb"

During summer time even the biggest agencies in Zagreb (Croatia) have problems with briefs pouring in while most of the creatives are on vacation. They decided to use this opportunity to inform them that Bukaaa is available for outsourcing during this period. They bought the usual ugly postcards of Zagreb, hand wrote the postcards and sent them to the heads of agencies "Dear (name), don't worry about letting your creatives take their summer vacation. We are staying in Zagreb, so feel free to contact us if an unexpected brief pops-up..."

Agency: Bukaaa Zagreb, Croatia.

Amnesty International Portugal "Report it"

They took the gaps through wich sound passes in a building to highlight that in most cases of domestic violence noises are the main warning signs. Those who hear and report them can save lives.

Agency: TBWA\Lisbon, Portugal.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Terminix "House"

Get to termites before they get to you.

Agency: Publicis Dallas, USA.

Terminix "Roach"

All it takes is a small crack for a cockroach to enter your home.

Agency: Publicis Dallas, USA.

Mitsubishi L200 "Postcards"

Postcards sent to thousands of men through Costa Rican Mail Services. "Mitsubishi L200. You will go as far as you want to".

Agency: Leo Burnett, Costa Rica.


Two great examples of guerilla gardening going vertical in the city of Toronto. Not only do the repurposed flyers serve as handy planting vessels, but when torn back they reveal an interesting visual archive that adds a bit of beautiful chaos to the already hectic urban street scene.

Heineken "Are you still with us?"

Beer drinkers tend to be immature, enjoy easygoing fun and share all this with their friends. This attitude has its rules, its music and its films. With its "Are you still with us?" multi-media campaign, Heineken intends to remind its target that the risk of becoming serious and deep is always just around the corner. They put fake CDs and DVDs in Italian Fnac stores. Romantic and soapy films in the action section, introspective films among the comedies. They did the same for records: fake romantic compilations in the Rock and Heavy Metal area and schmaltzy ringtone complications in the Hip Hop section. Anybody who picks up these CDs and DVDs will find the warning line "Are you still with us?" on the back cover.

Agency: JWT Milan, Italy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fisch Franke "The Living Poster"

To promote the outstanding freshness and quality of Fisch Franke´s Restaurants they created a "talk of the town" citylight poster.

Agency: Publicis Frankfurt, Germany.

Lifebroker "Death happens"

To promote Lifebroker and the benefits of life insurance, McCann Melbourne put fallen safes in the middle of office foyers to get people to read a sticker above.

Agency: McCann Erickson Melbourne, Australia.

Home Hardware "Hot Pies"

The brief was to get 200 Home Timber and Hardware trade retailers excited about Home Trade’s new promotion. The aim was to motivate retailers to buy more stock through Danks Trade (Home’s parent company) by giving them a chance to win the ultimate AFL Grand Final Day prize. Retailers regularly receive standard mail from Danks Trade, so the piece needed to create instant intrigue and beg to be opened. This 3D footy pie vendor box did just that! It showed retailers how they’d be getting into the AFL Grand Final if they didn’t start buying more through Danks Trade.

Agency: CHE Melbourne, Australia.

Kia "Spend Less"

Times are tough, and everyone is looking for easy ways to save money. To remind people that Kia is a brand built around exceptional value, they created this campaign that takes a decidedly low-cost approach to typical marketing tactics. A scale-model plane towing a scale-model banner along the beach and a tiny tear-off flyer tacked to a street post deliver full-size results at a miniature cost, and illustrates Kia’s commitment to helping everyone “Spend Less.”

Agency: David & Goliath Los Angeles, USA.

CasaShopping "Ready for delivery"

The objective was to generate awareness and, consequently, demand for the Ready-for-Delivery service (special promotion from the CasaShopping furnishing mall, where clients would take the furniture or have it delivered within 2 days). Usually a ready-for-delivery promotion is confused with a clearance sale and architecture/interior design bureaus are not interested in participating. The challenge was to add value to the fast-delivery service in a way that would architects to turn it into a benefit for their clients. Rio de Janeiro architects on CasaShopping's data bank and those who had never used the service were selected as the target. A direct mail object in the actual size of the furniture was created and left at the doors of a selct group of architects. By pulling a tab, a piece of furniture appeared. On the reverse side, a message to the architect/interior designer informed that, neither they nor their clients would have to wait anymore before having their houses furnished: CasaShopping would deliver the items as quickly as that piece of furniture had appeared at their doors. Besides the message, there was a list of participating stores, the promotion period and small photos of other furniture in the catalog. A Creative Audit by telephone, on the week after the sending out of the action has shown: out of 91.89% of the contacted people, 94.99% recalled the piece. Out of the latter, 87.74% recalled the promotion and 2.15% had used it. 70.97% have reported that they intended to participate. After the end of the promotion, they crosschecked the list of adresses and the list of architects who had purchased during its period. There were 263 names in common. That is 57.68% out of the total of impacted consumers bought during the promotion (12.17% of them, more than once).

Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Derek Royer "Business card"

Business cards were typeset on cloth and tied in a knot. Clients would loosen the knot to reveal the name and information of the massage therapist.

Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto, Canada.

Unicef / Tap Project "Dirty water"

Thirsty? So are millions of people around the world with no access to clean drinking water. 4,200 children die of water-related diseases everyday. Help provide safe drinking water to developing countries. Donate today. You wouldn't drink dirty water. No one should. Donate now by texting TAP to 864233 (UNICEF) or visit Just a dollar provides a child with 40 days of clean drinking water.

Agency: Casanova Pendrill NY, USA.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nike Livestrong "It's about you"

Nike will print the Tour de France path with suporting messages to people who fight cancer. The messages can be sent through the site and are printed using a machine called Chalkbot.

Check the video here:
It's about you

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland, USA.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

D-Reizen travel agency "Goldfish Hotel"

The world’s first Goldfish hotel at Amsterdam airport. A solution to the 'who will take care of the pet' problem has been found for some holidaymakers who fly out of Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Travel agent D-reizen is offering its customers to drop off their goldfish at a special hotel. The initiative is part of a campaign by the travel agent that uses fish in its advertising. The 5 sea star hotel - including a tennis court, a beach with its own beach guard and a pool with slide – is probably the ‘wet dream’ of every goldfish on this planet.

Agency: Doom&Dickson Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Walther Sporting firearms "Target calendar"

Walther's sporting firearms are known all over the world for precision. Brief was developing a tool that delights everyone from regular clients to potential customers. So they decided to build a calendar out of the bullet-butt. There is a shooting inlay for every month of the year, one target for each day.

Agency: BUTTER. Berlin/Dusseldorf, Germany.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Road Safety "Bleeding Billboard"

Rain changes everything. Please drive to the Conditions.

Check the video here:
Bleeding Billboard

Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland, New Zealand.


Scratching the Surface is a project by portugese artist Alexandre Farto (Vihls).

Check the video here:
Scratching the Surface


Friday, July 03, 2009

Misereor. Ihr Hilfswerk "The Donations Poster"

Passers-by could make 50-cent donations by throwing coins into a slot in the poster. Piece by piece, the coins fill the acrylic cylinder of the injection's syringe. Measurement units on the cilinder of the syringe show how many coins have already been donated and how many injections can be paid for with the amount - helping the Misereor relief organisation to vaccinate children around the world against infections.

Agency: Kolle Rebbe Hamburg, Germany.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

TBWA\Vancouver "Eco bags"

TBWA\Vancouver has launched a line of environmentally-friendly bags, turning the standard shopping bag into a fashion accessory. These bags have generated buzz as far away as London and New York, winning awards and becoming a local in-demand product. The bags feature cheeky headlines such as, “See ladies, I am sensitive” and “My other bag is in my SUV”. The bags were intended to steer away from the too-earnest feeling of most environmentally-friendly products, and for this reason, several of the bags feature incongruous images such as a logger at work or a monster truck.

The bags are available to order through the website at

Agency: TBWA\Vancouver, Canada.

Standard Bank "Home improvement envelope"

With a limited budget, Standard Bank requested a direct mail piece that would communicate the benefits of Access Bond to its current clients with existing home loans. Acces Bond gives clients access to the equity available in their bond. The money can then be tranferred into an Access Living card and used for a range of things, from home improvements to holidays. Using a simple envelope they conveyed the benefits of Access Bond to the recipient quickly and easily by using beuatiful illustration. As soon as the envelope is opened an additional room/level is added to the roof of house demonstrating the benefit of Access Bond in an immediate and visual way. Clients who received the mail were engeged and the unusual design on the envelope encouraged them to open the communication.

Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg, South Africa.

Amnesty International "Eye Tracking"

Raise awareness of domestic violence. To motivate people to look more closely in future and help prevent domestic violence. Let people directly experience how domestic violence is hidden from view. The world's first billboard wich reacts when people look at it. An "eye tracking" camera connected to a digital billboard. The billboard displayed a man beating his wife - as long as nobody was looking. But as soon as somebody looked directly at the billboard, then after a brief, pre-proframmed time delay, it changed into a photo of the same couple pretending to be happy. The billboard made observers part of the situation. Some of them interacted with it for several minutes. Every contact left a strong impression. many newspapers and blogs reported on the campaign.

Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg, Germany.

WirtschaftsWoche "Executive chair rodeo"

To stay on top in business, you need top information. Today more than ever. WirtschaftsWoche, Germany's leading business magazine, provides this information. They wanted to show this with a spectacular stunt. Under the slogan "Stay on top", they created the world's first executive chair rodeo. Instead of a bucking bronco, they mounted an executive chair on a bull riding machine and started an event roadshow, calling at business fairs in Germany. Lots of fun. And lots of attention for Wirtschaftswoche. The ride made the Wirtschaftswoche stand a key highlight at every fair. Not only boosting traffic - but also the number of subscriptions.

Agency: Jung von Matt Spree, Germany.