Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nikon "Picturetown"

To promote the new Nikon D40 as a Nikon Digital SLR designed to make it easy for anyone to take an incredible digital picture. Since most people associate both Nikons and Digital SLR's with pros, they knew they have to overcome consumer intimidation. It wasn't enough to say, "easy-to-use" - they had to prove it. So they created a campaign around real people with little or no picture-taking experience getting in touch with their "inner photographer." Crucial to pulling this off was finding the right town. They wanted a small place, with a diverse population and picturesque surroundings. What they could have never planned on was how welcoming the people of Georgetown were. The success of the project was determined in no small part by the incredible enthusiasm the participants brought to it. People with full-time jobs and families still found time to shoot tons of pictures and share them with them. It's one thing to say "easy-to-use." It's another to show it. So they gave 200 D40s to ordinary people in Georgetown, South Carolina with almost no instruction and let the results speak for themselves. Participants and their photographs were used in print ads to show that anyone can take high-quality pictures. All the photographers' images are also featured in an interactive gallery on our microsite, where visitors can browse photos, discuss, and learn about the camera and its features. Increased market share by 30%, reaching near equal share with its primary competitor, Canon. Increased purchase consideration, making Nikon the brand most likely to purchase across all main category competitors. Changed Nikon's perception from a 'complex camera' 'for professionals only' to a company making 'easy to use' cameras 'for everyone.' The website generated meaningful entanglement with end users across all core content. 666,000 site visits from May 9th - July 31st, 2007. 9.5 million pictures viewed in total. Bronze Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: McCann Erickson New York, USA.