Monday, June 09, 2008

Orange Babies "Scratch Lottery"

Orange Babies is a foundation whose main purpose is to assist pregnant woman infected with HIV and their babies in Africa. In order to collect funds for Orange Babies, they have intoduced "The Giant Orange Babies Scratch Lottery". During the Millionaire Fair from 6th to 10th December in the Amsterdam Rai complex, they sold scratch tickets for 1 Euro each to the "wealthy visitors". Each scratch ticket has a box saying "your prize", wich can be scratched open, to give a suprise. It reveals texts such as Donate 50 Euro, Buy a new ticket, and Donate 10 Euros a month, wich makes it a real reverse lottery. And so they collected no less than 25,000 Euros for Ornage Babies.

Agency: Ogilvy Amsterdam, The Netherlands.