Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bosch Lawn & Garden "Lawnmower Calendar"

To get selected dealers and distributors excited about the new, special high-performance, battery-operated Bosch Rotak 43 LI lawn mower - with the help of an exceptional calendar. Every page in the calendar is cut in a special way to initially create the individual impression of a wild and untended lawn. The recipient becomes part of the action and tears off a calendar page every day. By doing this, he is actually continuing to 'mow' day by day and so, bit by bit, he has a perfectly cut lawn in front of him at the end of the year. It's an authentic and unique mowing experience, because the width of the calendar corresponds exactly to the width of the lawn mower. Thanks to its surprising idea, the calendar quickly became a coveted collector's item. Since its publication in the middle of December 2007, the battery-operated Bosch lawn mower has been a topic of conversation within the national German dealer network. Bronze Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: Jung von Matt Hamburg, Germany.