Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nelka Rent A Car "Do it with a car"

Nelka Rent-a-car is a medium-sized car rental company in Costa Rica. It has a fleet of about 200 cars and 10 offices in different parts of the country. Their client wanted to rent out at least 80% of its fleet for the summer season. Their problem was competing against huge advertising investments their competitors were making in order to get most of the foreign tourists. The agency proposed to get hold of a different market, the one niche no one has yet taken advantage of: the national tourist. Although it was something new, and something that has never been tried before, the client trusted us. Their first step was to create a blog, named after costaricaholes.com. This was an independent site dedicated to the bad conditions of Costa Rican highways and streets. People here were able to complain about the problem and upload their own pictures of the holes on the streets. The blog's promotion was made through viral mails and mouth-to-mouth advertising took care of the rest. After only 15 days online, the site was placed as one of the top-10 sites in the country, getting around 30,000 clicks with almost 1500 photos uploaded. All of a sudden, people started spending time with our idea and with the brand. During summer, after the whole low-budget campaign ended, Nelka rented out all of its cars, with national clients making up 95% of custom. This result was way over their client's expectations. During this one summer, Nelka rent-a-car, has found and taken a hold of a new niche market. Gold & 2x Silver Direct Lions Winner.

Agency: JWT / Costa Rica.