Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NTT Resonant "Social media save the earth"

The aim is to get members of "goo home", a social media, in the launch of a new service. "mixi" is the biggest and most overwhelming social networking service in Japan. People seek social media for the quantity of members, because the value of social media lies in "connecting with others". So, it is very hard for followers to attract many members in this market. They needed to give the social media a brand-new value. The new value they created is "the social media where people can improve the environment by connecting to others". According to studies, corals have effect on CO2 absorption. For every 30 new members for "goo home", one real coral will be planted in Okinawa's sea. Each planted coral will be pictured with a card printing 30 members' registered nicknames. Members can view the picture of "their coral" on "goo home". Thus, environmental action is now a direct motivation to join social media, instead of just expanding networks. Recently, consideration of the environment has risen in the Japanese. And social media have the power to improve the environment by connecting with others. So, they changed the reason for joining social media from just expanding networks to participating in environmental action. "goo home" acquired 51,360 members in just 3.5 months. This communication got publicities worth over $1,420,000. 1,712 pieces of coral have been planted in the Okinawa's sea to date, and they are contributing to the decline in CO2. As this project goes on, the planted coral will lay eggs in 2 years and will multiply naturally. Silver Promo Lions Winner.

Agency: Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo, Japan.