Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Peugeot "Picky Hitchhiker"

Make Peugeot owners feel privileged by placing very picky hitch hikers. On big cardboards it reads that they only want to drive a Peugeot. The Picky hitch hikers were placed in heavy traffic spots in all major cities. This meant high visibility and under the radar communication from an unfamiliar source. The hitch hikers looked and where believed to be real and as Peugeot owners stopped to pick them up they where told that they owned a very nice car and received a box of chocolate from Peugeot. And since the market leader Peugeot holds an app. 10% share of all cars in Denmark it made sense to encounter the target on the road. 89 hitch hikers where on the streets. The campaign ran two times with an estimated 1.21 million car owners (half of all car owners in the Denmark) reached. The campaign was featured in national news as well as nationwide magazines. Bronze Media Lions Winner.

Agency: Uncle Grey Aarhus, Denmark.