Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daishin CMA Account "Penny"

In the end of 2008, global economic crisis struck the fund market, and damaged many individual investors. They wanted to transfer their money out of fund account to bank account, wich is allegedly known as a safer place for saving money. Daishin Securities couldn't be the exception. Thus Daishin introduced safer and more conservative place for investment. The CMA account was the answer, because this financial product is safe enough and more profitable than bank account. In order to draw attention to CMA account's higher interest rate, they took advantage of so-called "penny-saving-instinct". "If a penny drop out of my pocket?" One may not ignore it, Coin dropping sound controlled by motion sensor had a stronger power than any other visual impact: almost 100% of passerby reacted on the sound of CLING. 1. The money flow toward bank account turned direction to CMA account product. 2. Sales of Daishin CMA account jumped 20% quater-on-quater. 3. Consumers began to perceive Daishin Securities as an asset management company not as a stock brokerage company.

Agency: Daehong Communications Seoul, South Korea.