Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Foundation of Education for Life and Society "Poor child"

The brief was to create a donation box which calls out to the society the very problem this country is unknowingly facing. The challenge and objective was to get attention from the target consumer. Using the display of a boy making a donation box, placing the display on a pedestrian in front of the school. What is currently going on in this society which few people acknowledge is that over 100.000 youngsters in Thailand have no access to schooling education. Many of them are homeless, risking their youths on the streets. Even the cheapest government school is unaffordable. What prevents these poor children from their opportunity to go to school... is not the school fence, but the unimaginable gap of the country economy, wich dead locks them from their promising future. If every bath donated into the box means a key to unlock the door to their education, a social-wide acknowledgement may help these less-opportunity young from their unpromising future.

Agency: High Advertising Bangkok, Thailand.