Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Friskies “Milkoholics”

Friskies developed a new product innovation, Milk Essentials™, to add to some SKUs giving their brand a stronger point of difference. This combined the taste of milk which cats love, without lactose that can cause digestion problems. They invented Milkoholism in cats, a tongue-in-cheek comparison to alcoholism, focused on a teaser campaign to create cut through and word of mouth. This utilised multiple touchpoints based on target market knowledge, driving owners online for more information. They then introduced Purina Friskies with Milk Essentials™ as a solution to Milkoholism . This aimed to drive trial, encourage feedback and interaction via the web, Milkoholics Anonymous on radio, public relations to extend coverage and instore advertising to encourage purchase. Momentum was strengthened through radio, point-of-purchase, street theatre outside supermarkets, and a magazine campaign, promoting trial and sampling.

Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide, New Zealand.