Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Planet Drum "Chopsticks"

The Planet Drum, a percussion school in Berlin-Kreuzberg, wanted a cool promotion for their drum lessons. The briefing said that the concept had to be easy to realize, cheap and that it should give people the feeling of what it is like to play the drums and live life at a steady rythm. So… thinking about a place where you’d actually need to use two wooden sticks, the easiest solution seemed to be Asian restaurants, and thus about a 1000 small packets were produced with drum/chop sticks in them. An agreement had been made with the Asian restaurants in the neighborhood of the Planet Drum school, and even before dinner was served, you’d receive this pack of sticks with on the back instructions of how to hold the drumsticks and use the dish, glass and a possible dinner partner as objects to drum on.

Agency: WE DO Communications, Germany.