Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Axe3 "Integrated campaign"

Axe 3 is a set of two deodorant whose fragrances called "1" and "2" work independently but, when mixed, create a third fragrance: Axe 3. This product proposition, novel from its very conception, required a high impact campaign to generate product trial and, at the same time, needed to be anchored in the territory of seduction (Axe's territory) while fundamentally not leaving any doubt regarding what the product was communicating: mixable fragrances. The campaign was thought out in such a way so that the consumer would receive the clear message that it's good to mix and that, when it comes to seduction, they could expect even better results. Each medium had as its base the mix of woman but approached from a specific angle, thereby managing to talk ownership of the world of combinations/mixes.

Agency: Vegaolmosponce, Argentina.