Thursday, December 14, 2006

Alexander Bayer "Asylum Application"

Commercial photographer Alexander Bayer from Vision Studios in Balgach has received several national and international awards. In addition to local ad agencies, well-known ad agencies in Zurich can now also benefit from this because, unfortunately, until now this photographer has been mainly working with regional advertising agencies who can transform few really large ideas. In order to stand out from the approximately 2000 Swiss photographers and not to contend for great campaigns with a dull photo album, thought was given to the differentiation and a unique acquisition tool was created. The idea is based on origin – all employees at Vision Studios, including the manager, are very well-educated photo professionals who may well be working in Switzerland but they all come from Austria. Thus, an application for asylum for the national accredited Austrian master photographer Alexander Bayer was created. The references were processed into one passport. With this package an audience with the Art Director of a well-known Swiss advertising agency was requested.

Agency: AGENTUR AM FLUGHAFEN, Switserland.