Friday, December 08, 2006

WDCS "Dolphin in the net"

WDCS wants to strengthen public awareness of their work: the conservation of whales and dolphins. The organisation wants to call attention to the problem of dolphin bycatch in fishing nets and wants to inspire people to adopt endangered dolphins from the north sea. A card with a reply card was developed. On its back side it says “you too can save dolphins“. On its front it shows a dolphin. The card is put in the racks on the back of bus and train seats. By extricating the dolphin card out of the rack the passengers symbolically free the animals out of the fishing net. During bus and train rides passengers have enough time to deal with the card, to become aware of the problem of dolphin bycatch, to awake to the necessity of adopting a dolphin and to complete the reply card.

Agency: SCHOLZ & FRIENDS, Germany.