Friday, December 08, 2006

Sony Ericsson "Technophobe"

This mailing was designed to launch the J230i, one of Sony Ericsson's range of 'Essential' phones, to 02 store staff. As a result of the mailing, we wanted staff to: a) Understand what makes this phone different from all the others out there b) Be able to recognise the type of person this phone might appeal to i.e. technophobes c) Come away with a basic knowledge of the phone's features, so they could sell it on to customers d) Enter the competition to win a J230i by answering a few basic questions on the phone. Who better to launch a phone for technophobes than a technophobe himself? We created a curious chap called Adam, who had discovered the phone and wanted to spread the word. At odds with the modern world, Adam kept notes of his experiences with the phone in his diary. We chose an eccentric (yet charming) voice for him, illustrated his diary in a witty style, then chose a lo-fi stock to print it on. The badges were homemade on a machine at the designer's house, and even the label on the envelope looked like Adam had nicked it from his Granny.

Agency: IRIS, United Kingdom.