Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sun "Lucky Sunny"

The buying decision for dishwasher products is increasingly taken in-store. Despite being market leader, Sun was becoming vulnerable due to dependence on results from infrequent display promotions. Brief: Bring a brand promotion alive, which is strong enough to run from the shelf and built on the brand's core communication thought. Using the “Sun Maker” (inventor) and his assistant acting in the the Sun TVC's was key. They are both passionate about developing new ideas to make dishwashing better, easier or more fun. In every promo pack of Sun dishwasher tablets a dishwasher lottery ticket was included; a so called "Lucky Sunny". A code would only become visable on the ticket after it had been put in the dishwasher along with the dirty dishes. After entering this code on the Lucky Sunnies website, one could see if one was lucky enough to be a winner. Prizes ranged from a brand new car to downloadable music files.

Agency: Lowe & Draft, The Netherlands.