Friday, December 08, 2006

Pro Asyl "The Different Collection"

The fugitive aid organisation “Pro Asyl” fights for people who’ve fled their country to apply for German asylum. Many of them suffer years from rigorous and baffling deportation tactics of the German government. As this topic has hardly been noticed by the public and “Pro Asyl” hasn’t got the financial background for classic communication, it is essential to take concerted action and raise awareness with a simple campaign. During the final round of the FIFA WM 2006 three new motives of the much sought after Panini-collector stickers have been distributed. But instead of famous football players portraits these “fakes” showed Portraits of fugitives from WM 2006 competing countries such as Angola, Serbia-Montenegro, Togo, facing deportation by German authorities. On the flipside of these stickers the individual ordeal of these asylum seekers could be found as well as the appeal to engage for those people. At collectors meetings in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt these “fakes” were distributed amongst real collectors.

Agency: JWT Frankfurt, Germany.