Sunday, January 11, 2009

Puma "Pumus Trendycus"

They were asked to come up with a promotional idea for the launch of the Puma Spring 09 collection. Only the budget was quite limited and they wanted them to figure out a way to create a buzz about the new collection and to get as much PR as possible because they lacked the budget for advertising. They thought where better to promote the Puma 09 collection than the Zagreb Zoo. But they couldn't make it completely obvious that it was a Puma event, because they wanted a variety of press and not just a selcted fashion coverage, so in order to make it interesting and to insure a sufficient amount of Press coverage they created a new beast, a new species named: Pumus Trendycus, wich have been brought to Zagreb Zoo for the first time and gave the press the privilege to be the first to see this new beast. Once all the Press arrived, they revealed the cages with models and a famous local musician who performed from inside the cages dressed in the new Puma collection. They had invited 10 Press mebers, but the Puma Trendycus buzz brought in 30 journalists, and 3 TV stations. The event was covered in all major newspapers, fashion magazines, on 2 news channels, 1 famous tv show, and dozen of local and international blogs and forums.

Agency: Bruketa & Žinić Zagreb, Croatia.