Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Snickers "Stickers"

Spread the emotion and adrenaline when practicing extreme sports, like BMX, Skateboarding and BBoys, by providing to the assistants to the massive event Snickers Urbania 3.0 in Mexico an element that aloud them to validate their status not only as fans but also as authentic extreme sports players. They gave away temporary tattoos: look a likes of "skin bruises" exactly as the one you get when practicing this kind of sports. The objective with these tattoos was for people to proudly "exhibit them" as if they wear war trophies, authenticating them as real extreme sports players. In less of 3 hours they ran out of tattoos. More than 5.000 tattoos proudly exhibited not only by the general audience, but also TV celebrities and music bands (NSMPSM). This way Snickers Urbania 3.0 Mexico left its mark going beyond the day of the main event.

Agency: Proximity, Mexico.