Thursday, June 07, 2007

Y&R "Y&R NJF Radio"

The Dutch advertising agency Y&R Not Just Film started today an internet based radiostation. The station, Y&R NJF Radio, airs only music used in commercials for the Dutch market. Songs used for Dutch and international brands. Who doesn’t know which brand made the song from the Dandy Warhols into a hit? The Sound of Advertising, as the station is sub-titled, uses a cliche commercial format with nonsense DJ-talk, jingles and over-the-top commercials for the agency. Y&RNJF Radio is the first station worldwide airing a niche-format with advertising music only. The station can be received via the website( or directly put into your iTunes via Shoutcast (, Y&RNJF, tune in).

Agency: Y&R Not Just Film, The Netherlands.