Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Ariss Bros. “The gas stinks. The service don't”

Ariss Brothers Propane is a small, established family owned business that was forced to re-locate across town, leaving behind a well-established clientele. They needed to introduce themselves to the new neighbourhood with a new and improved corporate identity and a print campaign. They wanted to emphasize what they believed to be their difference; friendly service, small town values and unpretentious charm. The tagline: “The gas stinks. The service don't” gives the Ariss Brothers an approachable friendly personality and it translates well in all of the mediums (newspaper, posters, direct mail, on-tank stickers). They used the actual Proprietors (the Ariss Brothers) in the ads to add to the authenticity and charm. In addition, rather than hire an agency to mail the postcards/coupons, they had the Ariss Brothers hand deliver them in the surrounding neighbourhoods, to further add to the personal touch and “hands on” approach. Over 75% of the coupons that were handed out door to door were redeemed, bringing in new customers who were as eager to get their discount as they were to meet the Proprietors. After the first newspaper insertion the phones were “ringing off the hooks” and people were asking for posters. The Ariss brothers have become minor local celebrities and are amazed at how many complete strangers recognize their stomachs from the ads. They have hired two new staff members to help with the new volume. They are both on diets now.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Canada.