Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stadtmission Nürnberg "Dementia"

The “Stadtmission Nürnberg“ – the Municipal Mission of Nuremberg – is a Christian organization which helps poor, sick and / or otherwise distressed people in the Nuremberg region. The “Stadtmission Nürnberg” also helps people with dementia. An old looking photo album entitled “My life”, in which, except for a few photos of one’s distant youth, all of the pictures – and therefore all of one’s memories – are missing. A lack of memories is the typical symptom of the disease dementia. The photo album is designed to sensitize recipients to dementia, show them the difficulties that these people have, and urge them to make a donation. The mailing is directed at specific target group with pinpoint accuracy – and with great success and tremendous response. It was sent to Renate Schmidt, for example, the former German Federal Minister for Family Affairs and native of Nuremberg. The donation returns were 30 % higher than those of comparable campaigns from the previous year and reached a level of 200,000 Euros.

Agency: Publicis Kommunikationagentur, Germany.