Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grand Prix Lions Direct “Lopetegui Deposit”

The conventional finance advertising is showing signs of exhaustion and it is more and more difficult to impact the consumer effectively. The conclusion of a market analysis of the finance deposits is that there is a great and diverse offer, so it is necessary not only to present a new and best product, but also to present it as such. From there the objectives were: - Launch a renovated and modernized image of Banco Gallego - Acquire new clients/funds through an investment product. During a Soccer World-Cup program, live, Julen Lopetegui (Barcelona ex-goalkeeper) fainted. The video of the faint circulated extraordinarily on Youtube, but nobody knew what really happened. Some months later, Banco Gallego reveals the answer with the campaign “Why Lopetegui fainted” and gives his name to its latest product: Lopetegui Deposit After the real images of the faint, they filmed a new one showing that a sign was raised before him with the claim: “Deposit with up to 10%” We used: - video of the faint - continuation commercial - internet - mailings - radio, print - F2F and events.

Agency: SHACKLETON Madrid, Spain.