Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Anyone can sell.

The original brief was to create new catalog ads on television every week. They set up a production team to wander around and ask the people of Bangkok (the general public) to present sales on certain HomePro products. After a series of commercials, more people began talking about the sale, and how they were involved. A buzz soon followed. In Thailand, television is still the most effective tool to reach target audiences. By involving the public in the campaign, they can make typical-boring-catalog ads, exciting. They engage Thai consumers via television in a way that's never been done before. More and more people waited at home hoping to have their 15 seconds of fame on TV. People who were involved in the commercial were excited to see themselves on TV. Others were intrigued on how normal people were involved in the commercials. More importantly, approximately ten million people rushed into local HomePro stores to grab these discounts. Client gained 600 million baths in profit. More than 400% in expected sales.

Agency: BBDO, Bangkok.