Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Orange "Static"

They had to communicate the launch of a new product called 'My 5 from Orange', which lets you choose 5 friends, and call them at a very low rate. So, you can both make and receive many more calls. Everyone looks at their mobile phone when they hear the static noise that sounds right before a call. So the idea was to get the audience to look at their mobile phones and realise that no one was calling them. This, to communicate that with 'My 5 from Orange' they'll receive more calls and their phone won't stop ringing. They recorded the static noise of mobile phones and used it on the radio. They bought 'radio mentions' (ad spaces that air during the radio station's musical programming) and we put our static ad there, over the music. Logically, everybody listens to the radio close to a speaker or headphone and that guaranteed that everyone would think that it was their own phone's static interference. And people hate it when calls don't come. So they created the perfect situation to tell them that with our product they'd receive more calls. Two weeks later, 'My 5 from Orange' sales had increased 20%. Because their static ad was disguised and did not seem to be advertising, they avoided rejection. In this unexpected and surprising way, they achieved 25% more reach.

Agency: Vitruvio Leo Burnett, Spain.