Tuesday, June 19, 2007

VERB "Yellowball"

VERB is a campaign dedicated to fighting youth obesity. In 2006, they were challenged to create a movement. To get kids 9-13 active, then inspire them to spread play to other kids. They created the ultimate, kid-targeted direct response vehicle. VERB delivered 500,000 yellow balls directly into kids' hands. They looked ordinary. But each ball carried a unique code and instructed kids to play with the ball, enter the code at the VERB website and blog their story, then pass their ball on to another kid. The balls drew kids into an on-line and off-line community dedicated to spreading play. Kids could post a blog, read the stories from all across the country and track their ball's journey. The ball was our response device. And we created a variety of innovative ways to get them directly into the hands of our target. The program created 148 million kid impressions and got over 5 million kids active. 21% of the balls were passed on. Nearly 17,000 blogs were received. One ball was passed 31 times while another ball traveled 39,940 miles.

Agency: Arc Worldwide, U.S.A.