Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Croc-eats-Dog promotion.

The brief was to draw attention to the Zoo and achieve an increase in attendance. According to the motto “Come to the Zoo before the Zoo comes to you” a promotion-team walked a dog that obviously became a crocodile’s lunch. Because half of its body was put into the mouth of an almost life-sized crocodile costume. Additionally, the promotion team handed out discount coupons for the Zoo. The dog was walked through the most popular pedestrian zone in the city of Neunkirchen on four successive Saturdays. As the promotion team walked the dog, the passers-by came up to the team all by themselves wondering what was going on – which made the promotion very effective. It resulted in an increase in attendance of about 15% compared to an average month. Besides, croco-dog became a very popular picture motif.

Agency: SCHOLZ & FRIENDS, Germany.