Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NetCom Wireless Business "Nostalgia"

NetCom Wireless Business is a phone solution where you replace the fixed phones with mobile phones. Most Norwegian companies both know of this and do change. But how do they convince the rest. How do they book meetings with the conservative latecomers? The dealer, Klart Svar Business Partner, was in need of a new, charming door opener. Their target group resists changes, but still doesn’t want to lag behind their competitors. Their approach was use of personal statistics along with our expression of surprise at their current communication solution. The nostalgic handset was just what they needed pinpointing the conservative attitude in a warm manner. By printing the letter as a band they gave the standard handset box a professional identity in a most cost effective way. Pick up your mobile phone, choose the correct adapter and try it out – then you’ll understand why 4,000 DM’s resulted in 1,200 (!!) meetings, 600 contracts at a computed value of €4,125,000 and a contribution margin of €1,875,000

Agency: McCann Direkte, Norway.