Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The one.

To promote a movement that pursued the self-expression in individuals, a user-driven community that was controlled autonomously by its members. This movement was the response to a need in the 18 to 25 segment for something different in a market that was saturated by other brands and where this group paid no attention to any form of traditional advertising. In turn, the final goal was to promote a beer that supported the movement. Instead of creating a beer, they created a movement that promoted the act of self-expression and supported their ideas to change things for the better. Since the target didn't pay attention to traditional media and didn't relate to traditional advertising, the approach was made through guerrilla style posters and stickers that were left anonymously in places where the target moved around. Viral videos of the movement's character speaking about its philosophy spread on the net through emails and chat rooms. The most read Dominican bloggers started to praised the ideas of the movement, helping spread the voice. The fact that they gave them the opportunity to express themselves through the movement instead of imposing a new beer brand. One of the strongest bonds was the belief itself, their involvement in the movement's activities and the power of being the ones that controlled the movement's present actions. No advertising was done for the beer. It just appeared one day as something that was part of the movement. Its design was another element that the movement's members had complete control over. The home of the movement was the website, a place where the whole community could communicate and decide collectively on it's future directions. A week before the launch they gained DOP$7,000,000 (around USD$250,000) in free-press. This is the average annual advertising budget for most beer brands in the country. More than 250,000 have looked into the movement and there are 6,000+ active members in the community. The beer is the 3rd most sold in the second largest city and the 4th most sold nationally above all local and imported brands like Miller, Heineken, Quilmes, Becks, Budweiser & Corona. Steady 25% weekly-increase in sales during the first five months. Today, the beer is a cult brand.

Agency: Pages BBDO, Dominican Republic.