Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Anywhere but Germany.

Nestlé wanted to create a promo before the World Cup. The problem was that Uruguay failed to classify to Germany, and was sorpresively eliminated by Australia in the Pre Qualifying Round. Every international brand started to promote the World Cup, claiming the football passion. El Chana Coffee, one of the most traditional brands of Uruguay, created a promo that linked perfectly with people sensitivity: El Chana takes you Anywhere but Germany. The prize was very original, because every brand created its own World Cup Promo, taking people to Germany, giving football prizes as balls, TV sets, etc. El Chaná looked the world cup from the other side, as a uruguayan who was ungry with soccer and wanted to forgot everything about Germany 2006. In a time of Coffee prices growing up, this promo increases sales over 10 %. It also put El Chaná brand in the word of mouth... every uruguayan started to joke about the promo and felt that El Chana was the only brand that comprehended their feelings.

Agency: Publicis Impetu, Uruguay.