Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Volkswagen "Short Car Songs"

Volkswagen launched the Golf R32 in July amidst a great deal of media interest. The launch was at the Phillip Island race track in Victoria where the nations top motoring journalists were invited to open up the throttle of the R32 and really put it through its paces. Although there was a large turn out among motoring journalists, there was still a number that weren't able to attend the race inspired test drive and Volkswagen wanted to give those journalists that weren't able to attend a little something to "spark" their interest and hopefully stimulate a test drive or story. The creative rationale behind the campaign was to communicate the message that the new R32 is the fastest production Golf ever - but in a quirky, unexpected and fun way. Out of this objective grew the idea of producing a "Short Car Songs" CD that turned well known songs that drag on such as "10 green bottles" and "It's a long way to Tipperary" into short abrupt tunes - Why? Because the new R32 is so fast you won't have time to listen to the whole track. Short Car Songs was mailed out to a number of prominent journalists and motoring industry personalities who couldn't attend the launch. The goal: To encourage them to get in touch with Volkswagen to find out more about the R32 and book a test drive. The project was a huge success, there was a 40% response rate from journalists that were sent the CD. Comments from those that received the CD were positive. A number commented that it was a fun, interactive way of communicating the key message of the campaign - the new R32 is the fastest Golf ever.

Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia.