Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PSP "Gangs of London"

Take gamers beyond conventional advertising to a place where they can become truly involved with the marketing launch of Gangs of London. They wanted our target audience to be part of the campaign, to dictate the outcome, to blog about it, to tell their friends. They supplied hidden clues (the game's gang logos) around London's streets on billboards, newspapers and on the internet. Users had to identify the clue, take a cameraphone picture and send it to a shortcode. Their image recognitions software identified where the user was and instantly sent them another clue to continue their hunt for the diamond prize. 18-34 year old males who own PSP’s or are considering getting one. Their interests will be technology based i.e. iPods, mobile phones, computers, internet. Email response rates averaged a high performing 16.5% 65% of visitors to came from banners, SMS clues & word of mouth. Interactive press and outdoor delivered a 34.9% conversion from mobile to online media. WoM from SMS clues reached a staggering 3783% 10,000 'teddy bear' DM packs were sent out to early registrants on the site.

Agency: 20:20 London, United Kingdom.