Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Parco PI "That Girl Emily"

With creating a campaign to generate buzz leading up to the season premiere of Parco PI on Court TV. The "Woman Scorned" billboards were conceived to play on the adulterous content of the show. These billboards appeared to have been purchased by Emily, a woman eager to get back at her cheating husband at all costs by exposing his adulterous nature for all to see. They saw that this concept had the potential to get even more exposure if the proper online social channels were utilized. Emily's backstory was in the form of a realistic, first-person blog. Weeks before the billboard was unveiled, "Emily" began posting to her blog, named "That Girl Emily". The content of the blog was designed to enrapture readers into the story of a woman who came to realize that her husband was cheating on her, which represented the dramatic twists and turns of the show. The narrative built up to the release of the billboards, at which point Emily declared that she would enact "Fourteen Days of Wrath" on her cheating husband Stephen. The blog took the traditional campaign to a new level by allowing the fictional character of Emily to have a real voice. In several days, the blog had over a million hits and Emily was getting requests for national publicity appearances. Users returned every day to find out what Emily would do next. Viral videos of surveillance footage and Emily angrily tossing Stephen's belongings out into the street proved to be incredibly popular and spread to other video sites. The campaign epitomized the ultimate payoff for hiring a private detective like Parco PI. "That Girl Emily" truly transcended the medium. The billboards, the blog and the very persona of Emily became part of the cultural zeitgeist. Covered by over 200 press outlets on-air, online and in print, this campaign generated incredible awareness for Parco PI, and has become a model for viral marketing. -Page Views | 2,037,900 -Emails Sent to Emily | Over 1600 -Viral Video Views | Over 250,000 -Youtube Week of Launch | 7th most viewed video -Youtube Currently | 16th most linked to video of ALL TIME.

Agency: Amalgamated, Deep Focus, Court TV, U.S.A.