Thursday, June 21, 2007

Get your motherf... Ringtone for free.

Volkswagen owners who tend to opt for low priced parts had to be reminded to choose Volkswagen Original parts, to ensure that their Volkswagen will stay a Volkswagen. In addition Volkswagen dealers asked for new business leads for their services. Especially young people with older cars had to be won for the Volkswagen Service, as they often frequent seemingly less expensive, non-authorised service garages. Replacement parts from non-authorised service garages often lead to unpleasant surprises. While the car might look just fine from the outside, one never knows what problems lie beneath the surface. Thus, the spot reminds Volkswagen owners: "Better choose genuine parts. So your Volkswagen will stay a Volkswagen." At the end of the spot they offer the option to download your own cuckoo-clock ringtone. The downloaded file also included a small program, which for a short time changed the phone’s set-up to a foreign language, rearranged the order of their message and finally repeated it. Finally, the phone set back to normal and the ringtone was installed. The ringtone was downloaded 78,000 times, creating many new sales leads. Moreover the traffic at Volkswagen Service increased by 25%. As intended especially recipients driving segment II (4 to 7 year old-cars) and III (older than 8 years old) have been attracted by the campaign and visited the Volkswagen Service due to quality reasons.

Agency: DDB Germany, Berlin.