Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Langley Travel "Destination Japan"

Langley Travel is a Swedish travel agency for skiers. In the nordic countries they have a widespread reputation as "the skiers' travel agency", because they specialize in trips for dedicated skiers and love skiing above all else. New, unexpected destinations are added every year, such as Sibiria, Iran, Kashmir - this year, it's Japan. The purpose of this campaign is to strengthen their position as ”the skiers´ travel agency” and to sell the trips to Japan. Chop sticks + ski case = skiing in Japan. It was sent out by mail to dedicated skiers that had travelled previously to “unexpected destinations” with Langley Travel. The trips were sold out in no time. The campaign also made a tremendous buzz, greatly enhancing the brand´s perception of being the skier´s travel agency.

Agency: GOSS Gothenburg, Sweden.