Friday, September 25, 2009

Active Watch "Wallet"

An anti-consumerism campaign used as a tool to explain the connection between buying frenzy for unnecessary products and the degradation of the environment. The challenge was to make heavy shoppers aware that the more they buy unnecessary things, the more nature deteriorates through massive production, oil consumption, land clearings and the overall expansion of urban areas against nature and its resources. In order to create a buzz around this issue, they created pratical wallets, wich were distributed in front of malls and supermarkets. The wallet functions as a reminder for the consumers not to buy unnecessary products because they will contribute to the degradation of nature. Each of them had a print with nature scenery and a button depicting an animal. This way, every time one opened the wallet, the animal was deprived of their natural environment and left to die. They were offered to people leaving the malls and supermarkets with their shopping carts full of goods and were distributed together with a brochure containing maga-deals for heavy shoppers, from Supercharged cars to Residential areas built after land cleanings undertaken in the middle of a forest. The anti-consumerism wallets were part of a bigger campaign, along with radio commercials, brochures and a website.

Agency: Grey Bucharest, Romania.