Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Beauty salon "Ponytail Train Handle"

As a local beauty salon franchise, Johnny Andrean launched a hair-strengthening product. They wanted to communicate it with a low budget but with an impact result. Sometimes our daily activities can cause our beautiful long-hait to break and fall off. How much broken hair or hair-fall caused by accidental pulls? Therefore, they are proposing a ponytail as a passenger handle substitute in public transportations such as commuter trains to demonstrate how strong your hair is. The main reason they are using trains is because it is a frequently-used mode of transportation for urban people. An amusing, fascinating and memorable talk-of-the-town ambient ad that can create amazement because people can actually see, tough and feel it themselves. The outcome? Many people will inquire about this product and try it at a Johnny Andrean salon.

Agency: Fortune, Indonesia.