Monday, September 07, 2009

Folliderm "Bald man"

The task was to increase Folliderm prescriptions - a brand that prevents hair loss by strengthening hair roots. Hair fall is an extremely common condition, but seldom referred to a doctor. They had to tap this potential. The use of brand name was not permitted. The use of the brand name was not permitted. So they used a surrogate brand name based on its unique formulation: Power of 1+4. They used elevators in corporate offices and residential buildingss to deliver the message. A face of an man was stuck on the elevator door. Such that his hair was stuck on one door and the rest of his face on the other. When the door opened, the hair pulled away. Another print was stuck in the inside of the elevator - where the man was shown bald. The line read: "Scared of losing your hair? Ask your doctor about Power 1+4". It was highly amusing for people - and the centre of conversation in the elavators. More importantly there was a significant rise in enquiries about the therapy among doctors in adjoining localities (where the creative was placed).

Agency: Sorento Healthcare Communications Mumbai, India.